Mark Lloyd, 33, an ex-soldier from Pontypridd in South Wales, was today jailed for 20 weeks for benefit fraud. Mr Lloyd claimed that he was unable to walk more than 50m in order to claim thousands of pounds in disability benefits – yet during this time he then spent on activities such as climbing Kilimanjaro and skiing in the Alps.

The rather hapless fraudster was found guilty of claiming for almost £7000 in disability benefits, yet posted images of himself on social media of his action man lifestyle, including pictures of himself at the top of Africa’s highest mountain. this was despite stating on his claim forms that he couldn’t walk on uneven ground and suffers pain when walking for long distances. He first started claiming for the benefit in 2011, having been discharged from the paratroopers for a long-term injury to his lower back, and claimed for more money in 2014, explaining that any walk longer than 50m would leave him bedridden for the rest of the day.