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Africa’s Biggest Tree found on Kilimanjaro!

The tops of six giant groundsels in a row
Africa’s tallest indigenous tree has been discovered in a remote corner of Kilimanjaro.
The tree is, measures a whopping 81.5 metres, and is of the species Entandrophragma excelsum. Scientists from the University of Bayreuth in Germany first discovered a stand of them while exploring the mountain’s cloud forest twenty years ago, and recently returned to Kili to measure them using accurate new tools.
In addition to being the biggest tree in Africa, the tree is also a contender for being one of the oldest: it is estimated that the trees are all around 500-600 years old.
While it may seem a surprising coincidence that the continent’s highest mountain should also be the home of Africa’s highest tree, upon reflection it does make sense. The combination of lush, moist conditions and nutrient-rich volcanic soil is quite rare on the continent.
You can read more about the giant tree by reading the full New Scientist article at
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