A British pensioner aged 75 has just returned after successfully scaling Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro . Tony Simmonds, from Surrey, did most of his training in the hills around Malaga in Spain, where he lives for part of the year. Indeed, Tony is a member of The Field Club walking club of Fuengirola and the Senderistas walking group of Torreblanca which meet regularly to stroll around the hills in the local area. Though as he admits – and as most people who tackle Kili will surely agree – nothing can prepare you for the demands of Kilimanjaro, where the climatic conditions are much harsher and the air is, of course, much, much thinner. Nevertheless, as we always advocate, any walking you can do in preparation of a Kilimanjaro climb is beneficial, and the more hiking you can do the better. it may not help you much when it comes to getting to the summit, but it will certainly make you enjoy it more!

Following his October climb Tony described the last hour to the summit as the toughest thing he has ever done. Nevertheless, he made it to the summit on October 9th 2014, together with by his son Jeremy and daughter Wendy. In total they raised €3,000 for Cudeca, a local cancer charity and hospice in Malaga, in the process.