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Climb with Kilimanjaro Experts!
  • The Kilimanjaro Experts plus trekkers safely at the top

You’ll only climb it once – so climb with the Kili Experts!

Want to know more about our treks and the Kili Experts team? We recommend that you begin by looking at our list of Frequently Asked Questions which contains a lot of useful information about the treks and our service. We also have pages devoted to the Full Circuit Umbwe and Alternative Lemosho routes to give you an idea of what makes these routes so special and, of course, unique. In this section you will also find a schedule of Trekking dates.

Why book your Kilimanjaro climb with us?

  • A very professional, experienced and well-drilled crew  The guides who will lead your trek are, we think, one of our greatest assets. We have chosen only the best – and safest – of those we have worked with over the past 18 years.
  • New and unusual routes that both take you away from the crowds and maximise your chances of reaching the summit.
  • Unrivalled information to help you prepare for your trek We did, after all, write the guide book! We’re sure that nobody knows more about the mountain than us, and as well as receiving a copy when you book your climb, we are on-hand to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of your trip.
  • Track a climber facility – enabling the friends and families of climbers to follow their loved ones on the mountain.
  • Great equipment  Great care is made to make sure all the equipment used on Kilimanjaro is both of a very high quality and maintained to the very highest standards.
  • A first-class ethical policy  Our policy towards your mountain crew and the natural environment in which we work is pretty much the best on Kilimanjaro, and all your mountain crew will be paid a guaranteed decent wage! Follow this link to see the ethical policy.
  • Private toilets on all our public treks
  • Greater flexibility when booking  If there are two or more of you, you can book a private trek for the same price as if you had joined one of our public treks. This allows you to choose to climb on whatever day you want, and on whatever route you want. Alternatively, you can choose to join one of our prearranged treks, thus allowing you to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with other like-minded climbers. (Incidentally, you can still book a private trek with us even if you are travelling alone, but this will be more expensive and it would be better in this case if you joined one of our public, open group climbs.) You can study the schedule of treks – updated daily – by visiting the Trekking Dates page.
  • The best value We think we offer a comparable service to those companies that charge twice as much as us
  • Only hotels that we have recommended in the book are used. As such, you know that we consider every hotel used by our clients is a good place to stay – rather than because they offered us the best deal.
  • We don’t just concentrate on Kili, and we can suggest and book plenty of other things to do when you’re not on the mountain, from shopping to sightseeing, touring around town, visiting an orphanage, all manner of safaris – and even a trip to see the gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda.
  • Transfers to and from Kilimanjaro International Airport also included.
  • Easy payment options We accept most currencies for bank transfers, and you can pay by credit card, paypal, wire, cash…

Three guys on Kilimanjaro

If you’re so good, why aren’t your treks more expensive?

There are a few reasons why our prices are so competitive.

  1. We’re a new company. Though all of us have been working on Kilimanjaro for many years, Kilimanjaro Experts is a new venture. So to build up our client base, we’re deliberately keeping our prices on the low side – charging half as much as other companies offering a similar standard of treks.
  2. Kilimanjaro should be for everyone. When I first visited Tanzania back in 2001, I was on a very tight budget but was still able to climb three times and write the guide book on the back of this. Unfortunately, since then the park fees and other costs have risen fairly continuously. I would hate to see Kilimanjaro become a mountain that only wealthy people can afford to climb – it should be for everyone. It’s true that we aren’t the cheapest on the mountain. Our commitment to paying our porters, guide and other staff well, means we’ll never be able to offer the rock-bottom cheapest treks. But we do want to provide our climbers with the best-value treks on Kilimanjaro – and we think we’re doing just that.
  3. We’re not greedy people. In most cases if climbers knew how much of the price they pay is pure profit for the company, they’d be horrified. We want to avoid treating our climbers as ‘cash machines’. Climbing Kilimanjaro is probably a lifetime’s ambition for you. Our aim is to make that possible, without ripping you off in the process.

Female trekker with arm round shoulder of guide Alex Minja

About our Kilimanjaro trek routes

We are able to book treks up Kilimanjaro using all the main routes:

  • Machame Probably the most popular trail on the mountain – and not without reason!
  • Marangu For those who don’t want to sleep under canvas, here’s the original Kilimanjaro route – and a beautiful one it is too!
  • Umbwe For those who think they’re tough enough, the steepest route on the mountain!
  • Lemosho A personal favourite – quiet, beautiful, varied – and just lovely.
  • Rongai For the chance to see the mountain from north to south…

(Note that we can also arrange treks on the Shira Route; however, seeing as this is largely a track used by emergency vehicles these days, we recommend that you opt for one of the other routes.)

In addition to the above, we also book treks on two routes that take you away from the crowds…

The Full Circuit Umbwe Route

We have always been fans of the Umbwe Route, the mountain’s quietest. We love its tranquillity, its beauty, and the slightly stiffer challenge it presents to trekkers on the first day (though it is still just all walking, and there are no more steep drops on this trail than on any other).

But we recognise that the reason the Umbwe Route is so quiet is because people are put off by how short it is, and rightly think that this will decrease their chances of getting to the summit.

So what we’ve done is taken the Umbwe Route – and made it longer!

We’ve devised a route that improves upon the original in several ways:

  • By taking you around the seldom-seen northern side of Kibo via little-used paths, this trail takes you away from the crowds that those on the regular Umbwe encounter – and stay with – after the second day.
  • This northern path also takes you above Kenya’s Amboseli National Park, from where buffaloes, elephants, kudu and other wildlife occasionally drift up the slopes in search of water.
  • Even the final ascent to the summit is taken on a little-used path, only joining with those on the Marangu Route for the last couple of hours up to Gillman’s Point.

To find out more about this incredibly beautiful and unusual route, click on this link to take you to our Full Circuit Umbwe page.

The Alternative Lemosho Route

Our other special route follows the much-loved Lemosho Route that starts on the western side of the mountain, before heading round the northern side of Kibo. As above on the Full Circuit Umbwe Route, this path has several advantages:

  • Increases your chances of seeing wildlife
  • Allows you to get away from the crowds on days 4-5 and enjoy a more ‘wilderness’ experience’
  • Improves your chances of making it to the summit

Interested in booking a Kilimanjaro trek?

If you have already settled upon a trek, and you’d like to climb with the Kili Experts go to the how to book page. There’s no need to send any money now –  just send us an email and your place is already booked for the greatest adventure of your life!