Our Trekking Schedule

Kilimanjaro trekking schedule: 2020 (to date)

The following table shows the schedule for public treks for 2020 so far, along with the per person price to join each one. You notice that we give a range of prices for each trek. The first price is the one you’ll pay if you are booking for eight or more people. The second, higher price is the one you pay if there are only one or two people in your booking. (Basically, the more people you can get to trek with you, the cheaper the price will be!)

What if the dates on which I wish to trek are not listed in the table below?

If there are two or more of you, we can arrange a trek for whatever dates you want, and on whatever route you want – for the same price as if you had joined one of the scheduled treks below (and, again, if there are three or more of you it will actually be cheaper than the prices advertised below). Please note that, unless you specify that you want a private trek, we will try to add other trekkers to your party by advertising your climb on this page.

Mount Meru trekFebruary 1-4 20204US$600-882
Machame trekFebruary 3-8 20206US$1899-2299
Supermoon Alternative Lemosho Route trekFebruary 3-10 20208US$2449-2849
Alternative Lemosho Route trek with night at Crater CampFebruary 5-13 20209US$2999-3399
Official Lemosho trekFebruary 15-22 20208US$2449-2849
Alternative Lemosho Route trekFebruary 24 - 2 March 20208US$2449-2849
Supermoon Alternative Lemosho Route trekMarch 3-10 20208US$2449-2849
See the Stars No Moon Rongai Route trekMarch 19-25 20207US$2299-2699
April(rainy season)
May(rainy season)
Full Moon Machame Route trek1-6 June 20206US$1899-2299
Alternative Lemosho Route trek8-15 June 20208US$2449-2849
See the Stars New Moon Alternative Lemosho Route trek15-22 June 20208US$2449-2849
Full Moon Alternative Lemosho Route trek29 June-6 July 20208US$2449-2849
New Moon See the Stars Alternative Lemosho Route trek14-21 July 20208US$2449-2849
Alternative Lemosho Route trek18-25 July 20208US$2449-2849
Full Moon Alternative Lemosho Route trek28 July-4 August 20208US$2449-2849
Full Moon Full Circuit Umbwe Route trek28 July-4 August 20208CLOSED
Full Moon Machame Route trek30 July-4 August 20206US$1899-2299
Alternative Lemosho Route trek1-8 August 20208US$2449-2849
New Moon See the Stars Machame Route trek15-20 August 20206US$1899-2299
Alternative Lemosho Route trek26 August-2 September 20208US$2449-2849
Full Moon Alternative Lemosho Route trek27 August-3 September 20208US$2449-2849
Full Moon Rongai Route trek28 August-3 September 20207US$2299-2699
New Moon See the Stars Full Circuit Umbwe Route trek11-18 September 20208CLOSED
New Moon See the Stars Alternative Lemosho Route trek11-18 September 20208US$2449-2849
Full Moon Alternative Lemosho Route trek25 September -2 October 20208US$2449-2849
Full Moon Machame Route trek27 September - 2 October 20206US$1899-2299
Full Circuit Umbwe Route trek1-8 October 20208US$2499-2899
New Moon See the Stars Alternative Lemosho Route trek10-17 October 20208US$2449-2849
Full Moon Alternative Lemosho Route trek25 October - 1 November 20208US$2449-2849

How to book

Please follow the following link to find out more about our simple booking process.


1) Dates: The dates in the list refer to the time you actually spend on the mountain and thus do not include the days you spend in Tanzania before and after your trek.

2) Prices: The prices listed are the ‘per person’ prices. The higher price is the one you’ll pay if there are just one or two people joining the trek. It is also the price if two people want a private trek (where they can choose the exact date they want to start their trek, and the route they wish to take on the mountain).

Discounts are available for three or more people (whether joining a trek or wanting a private trek of their own); the first figure is the lowest price you’ll pay, and refers to the cost if you’re booking for eight or more people.

3) Rates are subject to TANAPA Park Fee increases without significant prior notice.

4) These rates refer to a fully inclusive package with two nights accommodation on a B&B basis, airport transfers etc. You can find out exactly what is and isn’t included by visiting our Prices and What’s included page.

5) Don’t forget – for the answers to any questions not answered in this section – just send us an email!

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