What routes do we offer?

You can book a trek through us on whatever route you want. You will find itineraries of each of the standard routes – Machame, Marangu, Rongai, Lemosho and Umbwe – in the Practical Information section of this website.

These are the links to the official, ‘normal’ route pages:

Special Kilimanjaro Expert routes

In addition to these treks on the ‘official’ routes, we here at Kili Experts like to offer our clients something a little different. For this reason we also offer two ‘unofficial’ routes that are really rather special.

We really think these are the best routes you can take on the mountain, because they try to avoid the crowds, improve your chances of seeing wildlife and maximise you chances of getting to the summit.  

These two trails are called the Full Circuit Umbwe and Alternative Lemosho routes – and you can find details about them by clicking on them and reading on…

I’ve heard that Umbwe is really dangerous! Why are you arranging treks on it?

People who say that Umbwe Route is dangerous either a) don’t know any better, or b) want to frighten you away from taking that route, or c) probably a bit of both. If you don’t believe us, then we have written a defence of the Umbwe Route elsewhere on this site that maybe will help to change your mind.

In the article we try to be as balanced as possible and to point out the route’s faults. But the bottom line is, we think it’s a fantastic and much maligned trail. But in order to allay anyone’s fears, we have also

But why should we take the Umbwe Route, which some people say is dangerous, rather than one of the other, more popular routes?

It’s precisely because those other routes are so popular that we want you to consider Umbwe and the Alternative Lemosho Routes. Because, in all probability, climbing Kilimanjaro is something you are only going to do once. And we would really like you to enjoy it as much as possible, and to appreciate just how beautiful the mountain really is.

But that’s very difficult to do if you are on one of the more popular routes such as Machame. Because at certain times of year, if you’re on the Machame Route it can feel like you’re just part of one endless queue of people snaking its way up the southern side of Kilimanjaro. And yes, Machame has a pretty good success rate for getting people to the top; and if you want us to arrange a climb on the Machame Route then of course we are happy to do so. But be warned: you won’t find much peace on your walk, you won’t have much of a wilderness experience – and the wildlife tends to avoid those parts of the mountain where tens of thousands of people are marching up and down it every year too.

Which is one of the reasons why we urge you to at least consider the Alternative Lemosho and Full Circuit Umbwe Routes. Because we have designed them deliberately so that they take you away from the crowds on the southern side of Kibo, and give you a better chance of seeing some of Kili’s wildlife. And all while maximising your chances of getting to the summit too.

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