The Full Circuit Umbwe trek

This route has been constructed following years of climbing Kilimanjaro to offer our climbers a full clockwise tour of the mountain.

What’s so special about this new route?

This Full Circuit Umbwe Route uses some of Kili’s quietest trails. It also passes through some brilliant forest, some fantastic landscape with excellent views, and has also been designed to maximise climbers’ chances of getting to the summit. In addition, it provides trekkers with a chance to see more of the mountain than on any other route.

So why has this new route been devised?

In our experience when trekkers climb Kilimanjaro, they do so for a number of reasons; the chance to see some local wildlife in its native habitat, for example, or to spend some time away from the crowds and appreciate some of the best that the mountain has to offer, from superlative scenery to a real sense of adventure and exploration.

And we think the Full Circuit Umbwe Route combines all of these wishes. For on the Full Circuit Umbwe treks you get:

  • The chance to get away from the crowds We start off on the Umbwe Route (which according to the latest figures gets just over 1% of the total number of climbers) before heading to the little-used Northern Circuit, sometimes on paths that are used by no other company.
  • The chance to see a lot of the mountain – and get the best views  We recognise that climbing Kilimanjaro is something you’re probably only going to do once. So with this in mind, we have devised this route in order that you see as much of the mountain as you possibly can during your climb. By hiking right around snowy Kibo, you’ll be able to see much more of Kili than most trekkers, including such features as views of all three of its summits, as well as features such as the Lava Tower, the desert lands of the Saddle, the vast Shira Plateau and, of course, Uhuru Peak – the highest point in Africa!
  • An improved opportunity of viewing wildlife By starting on the tranquil Umbwe Route and heading to the northern side of the mountain, adjacent to Kenya’s Amboseli National Park, you have the best chance of seeing some of the African wildlife that live in Kilimanjaro’s shadow –  elephant, buffalo, leopard, antelope and monkey.
  • The chance to walk during the full moon. Many of the treks are booked so that you will be climbing at night to the summit with the full moon to light your way.
  • A great chance of reaching the summit Unlike existing routes on the northern side of Kilimanjaro, this route follows the old climbers’ maxim of ‘climb high, sleep low’. This aids acclimatization, helping trekkers to deal with the effects of altitude – which in turn increases your chances of reaching the top!
  • The best crew and some great equipment. Thanks to the extensive research that we have done for the book over the past 18 years, we are pretty sure we have found some of the best guides and crew working on the mountain.

In addition to the above, you also get all the advantages that booking through Climb Mount Kilimanjaro brings:

  • An exemplary ethical policy  The policy towards both your mountain crew and the natural environment of Kilimanjaro is amongst the best on the mountain. Follow this link to see our ethical policy.
  • Our unparalleled knowledge of the mountain We did, after all, write the book…
  • Great hotels By mainly using only hotels that we recommend in the book, you know that everywhere you’ll stay has been chosen because we genuinely like them – rather than because they offer the best deals for agents.
  • Great dining During our research, we ate in every restaurant and drank in every bar. It’s that knowledge that we can now use to ensure that you enjoy the best food (and drink the finest beer!) that the region has to offer.
  • A chance to see a different side to TanzaniaWe can also offer you plenty of things to do when you’re not on the mountain, from safaris to shopping to sightseeing, meeting the locals in their homes to enjoying a picnic by a waterfall.
  • Peace of mind from the moment you arrive Airport transfers to and from Kilimanjaro International Airport are included – so TK’s responsibility for you starts the moment you clear customs.

The itinerary of the Full Circuit Umbwe Route

Please follow this link to view the itinerary for the Full Circuit Umbwe Route itinerary >>

What to do next…

Perhaps the first thing to do is read our list of Frequently Asked Questions, which will hopefully answer any enquiries you may have about your climb. You may also wish to read our Ethical policy, which will tell you all about the level of care shown towards your Kilimanjaro porters and guides as well as the care that is taken for the environment of Kilimanjaro.

After this, peruse our Trekking dates page, which shows our climbing schedule, and find a climb that is suitable for you. Once you have settled upon a date, go to the how to book page to learn how to secure your place on one of these treks. And that’s it: there’s no need to send any money now – your place is already booked for the greatest adventure of your life!