OK, I apologise, because this is not really of interest to anyone else, but I love it when coincidences like this happen!

This crossword features not only the word ‘Kilimanjaro’, but also ‘Trailblazer’ (our publisher) and the word ‘hiker’ too! Perhaps the crossword’s compiler knew that the fifth edition of the guide book was shortly to be released? Perhaps they themselves are thinking of climbing Africa’s Highest Mountain, ordered a copy of the book – and subconsciously inserted the details of the book into the crossword they were composing that day?

Or maybe it’s just pure coincidence and there’s no rational explanation as to why this should happen.

Still, it does at least provide us with a timely reminder to inform you that the fifth edition of the guide is now available in the shops. We should also point out that it remains the only one to provide an in-depth review of all the major tour operators working on the mountain, guides to the cities and towns of Arusha, Moshi and Marangu – one of which will be your base when not on the mountain – and all the information you need to prepare properly for one of the greatest adventures of your life. Just ask the other people who’ve written guides to the mountain – they clearly use this book as the reference and source for pretty much all their info!