Next month two intrepid adventurers will be cycling and pushing their mountain bikes to the top of Kilimanjaro – and then riding down it again! Rebecca Rusch and Patrick Sweeney are only the third ‘group’ of people to be allowed to take their bikes on Africa’s highest mountain.

The expedition has been organised to raise funds and awareness of World Bicycle Relief, which provides bicycles for individuals in Africa to access critical resources like education, healthcare and economic opportunities. To date, World Bicycle Relief has delivered over 275,000 bicycles. Rebecca and Patrick hope to raise enough in sponsorship to add another 100 to that total.

The first people to get to the summit of Kilimanjaro by bicycle were the Crane brothers, Nicholas and Richard, who managed the feat back in the early eighties. Rebecca and Patrick’s adventure is somewhat different, in that they have no intention of trying to pedal all the way up. Instead, their trip is all about the descent. Somewhat less impressive, perhaps, but probably a whole lot more fun too!

You can read more about Rebecca and Patrick’s exploits on the following website:

We wish them every success!