Ice climbing on Kilimanjaro – a poignant tale

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Ice climbing on Kilimanjaro – a poignant tale

Fantastic and rather poignant article from the Guardian a few days ago, written by Will Gadd who set himself the task of ice climbing on every continent. He was rather struck, however by the lack of ice left on #Kilimanjaro due to global warming – something, of course, that we’ve been writing about for years. And while it isn’t quite as bad as Will makes out – the first photo of Will climbing, for example, appears to be taken on the much-reduced Furtwangler Glacier, whereas some of the other glaciers are larger and less ‘fragile’ looking, as Will’s second photo, on the Southern Icefield,confirms. Nevertheless, any article that highlights the devastating effect of global warming on the world’s most beautiful mountain can only be a good thing.

Anyway, here’s the link:

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