Join our virtual Kilimanjaro climb and raise money for the NHS!

Were you planning to climb Kilimanjaro?

Had you already booked your trip?

Was your trek taking place in April, May or June?

Does that trip now looks to be in jeopardy because of the coronavirus

Then why not join us in climbing Kilimanjaro in the comfort of your own home????

On the 9th June, one of our climbers, Rob Illidge from Manchester, was due to begin his trek up Africa’s Highest Mountain with two friends.

Those plans have, of course, had to be put on hold because of COVID-19.

So instead, Rob will be undertaking a _virtual_ climb of Kili – and we invite you to join him!

And even better, he’s doing so to raise money for the brave workers for the NHS. So even if you can’t join Rob on his virtual climb, you can still sponsor him – to show support for our National Health Heroes.

So how does this virtual Kilimanjaro climb work?

It’s simple. Every morning for eight days, I’ll be sending out a description of the relevant day’s itinerary on our Alternative Lemosho Route trek. I’ll describe the length of the walk, how much you would gain in altitude during the day, approximately how long it would take, what the weather and scenery will be like… and so on and so on.

And then Rob will try to recreate the walk both in his own home, and on the limited exercise he’s allowed to take each day away from his house.

In other words, he’ll be walking the required distance each day, and try (using his stairs, presumably, or any hills that are local to his home) to climb the same slopes as he would if he was doing the trek for real.

Who knows, if he gets into it, maybe he’ll wear the appropriate clothing too.

Join Rob on his climb

I’ll be putting each day’s instructions on the Climb Mount Kilimanjaro facebook page. So if you too were not able to trek because
of the lockdown over the past few weeks, or are training to climb Kili later this year and want to know if you’re fit enough, or just want to know what it’s like to climb Kili, then you can also simulate the experience from the comfort of your own home.

Just get in touch with us at or on facebook/Instagram/Twitter and we’ll advertise your climb – and hopefully people will sponsor you too.

Facebook Live

At 8pm on every evening of the virtual climb, I’ll be joined by Rob on Facebook Live to discuss his progress, what the experience would be like on that day on the mountain, what food he would be eating, the clothes he would be wearing and answer your questions.

How to sponsor Rob

We’ll also be setting up a JustGiving page in the next few days to make it easy and safe for you to sponsor Rob on his expedition. And there’s nothing to stop you joining the expedition – and collect sponsorship for your own cause too.

So why not join Rob on his trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro – and let us bring the mountain to you during these unprecedented times.