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Cerebral palsy sufferer to climb for SCOPE
Posted by Henry at 4:11 pm, June 26th 2009.
On Jan 28th 2010 Steve Curtis-Read of Thatcham in Berkshire will be embarking on, in his words, ‘an epic fundraising challenge’ (ie climb to the summit Kilimanjaro) in an attempt to raise money for the British charity SCOPE.

As many of you will know already, SCOPE help and support young children and their families who suffer with Cerebral Palsy. And it’s a chairty that’s particularly close to Steve’s heart – he was born with the condition.

Steve’s first aim before he even gets onto the mountain is to raise the minimum sponsorship of £3250 – not easy given today’s financial situation. However, as Steve says, if everyone gives what they can it’ll soon add up — allowing him more time to ‘concentrate on the training.’

If you wish to help Steve in his attempt to raise money, you can donate via his webpage at: . You can also search for Steve’s group’s facebook page: Steve Climbs Kilimanjaro.

We do of course wish Steve the best of luck with his endeavours, and hope to be able to tell you of his successful climb next January.

Climb for clean water in Kenya 
Posted by Henry at 11:25 am, June 22nd 2009.
In September 2009 Americans Lisa and Gary Bagwell from Bend, in Oregon, are hoping to reach the summt of Kilimanjaro in their quest to raise funds for Nomad Charities.

According to the charity’s website, “Nomad Charities is both a registered NGO in Kenya and a registered non-profit in the US that seeks to improve the quality of lives of adults and children who are homeless, exploited and orphaned by the devastation of the HIV/AIDS crisis in Kenya, through programs and services, so that they may realize their full potential in society”.

Lisa and Gary’s mission is to raise money and awareness to help tackle the need for clean drinking water by raising funds to help construct a large water project within the district of Kibwezi, Kenya. The project includes the drilling of a borehole, the construction of a centrally located water tower, which will be powered by solar energy and an intricate layout of pipes which will be linked to five water kiosks throughout the community of Kibwezi.

As Lisa says in her email, “The Kibwezi Water Project will benefit thousands of community members and provide a means for farmers to increase their crop output as well as provide clean drinking water for local families.”

Gary and Lisa will be climbing on the lovely Lemosho Route for their climb. You can sponsor them by visiting the Nomad Charities website where you’ll find links to their adventure.

We do of course wish them well, and will update you on their progress when they update us!

Two brothers climb Kilimanjaro in their fight against malaria
Posted by Henry at 9:52 am, June 19th 2009.
In July this year two brothers from America are going on an epic adventure in order to raise both awareness about, and funds to fight, Africa’s number one killer: malaria.

The brothers, Greg and Brandon Bargo, are both mountain guides, and in July of this year they will lead a team of seven climbers on Kilimanjaro’s Umbwe Route.

But their adventure doesn’t end there, for after the climb the two brothers will be mounting their bikes and cycling to Mount Kenya, where they will attempt to conquer Batian Peak. From there, it’s back on the bikes to cycle to Lake Victoria, before swapping pedal power for paddle power as they attempt to kayak to Uganda, in order to cycle to and then climb Mt. Stanley and summit Margherita Peak.

As Greg explains, during their epic odyssey they hope to “stop off at villages to build relationships with the African people and help educate them about malaria.” They also hope to raise about US$15,000 for tested and reliable malaria medication.

This is of course a major undertaking and you can follow their progress and donate to their cause by visiting their website at .

We do of course wish the brothers well, and hope to be able to report on thier progress through the summer.

Eight blind Americans in attempt to climb Kili 
Posted by Henry at 1:57 pm, June 18th 2009.
On 23 June this year, eight blind students from the Foundation for Blind Children, along with 16 guides, will make the trek to summit of Kilimanjaro. Their goal is to raise $500,000 for Foundation for Blind Children programs.

The team will spend eight nights on the mountain, climbing via the Machame Route and summiting on the seventh day. They have set up a website to promote the climb,

[ADDRESS NO LONGER VALID], in which you can learn more about their climb, the training they have undergone – as well as read a little on the background of each of the participants involved.

In addition to the climb they are also hoping to visit a school for the blind in Arusha, their trip culminating in a safari.

This really is a worthy cause. If you wish to learn more – or to donate to their charity – then please visit [ADDRESS NO LONGER VALID]. As their website says, “Help us make a difference, and See Kili Our Way!”

Charity climb for Cerebral Palsy
Posted by Henry at 4:46 pm, June 13th 2009.

In January 2010, two brave souls will be pitting themselves against Africa’s Highest Mountain in aid of cerebral palsy. Robert Hawlor and Dawn Jones, from Wakefield, are hoping to raise £7000 for their exploits.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, this is a very worthwhile cause. Every 6 hours a child is born with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is the most commonly diagnosed physical condition in the UK, and occurs around the time of birth when part of the brain fails to develop properly. It can happen to any child. Scope is the largest charity in the UK working with people with cerebral palsy, their families and carers.

Robert and Dawn have certainly gone to great lengths to promote their climb in their attempts to raise such an ambitious amount. There are three websites dedicated to their climb The first is a WordPress blog ( that keeps readers up to date with their progress both with their training – and their attempts to raise sponsorship. They have also set up a ( page to help them collect sponsorship online, and a facebook page ( 501095588&ref=ts).

We do of course wish them both well – and will let you know how they get on in January.

Climb Kilimanjaro for Amani! 
Posted by Henry at 3:54 pm, June 8th 2009.
One of our favourite Tanzanian charities, Amani, the children’s orphanage in Moshi at the foot of Kilimanjaro, are offering trekkers a chance to climb Kilimanjaro FOR JUST £10!

Bruce Thew, one of Amani’s long-time suppiorters, is hosting an Amani Children’s Home Golf Day for the second year in a row this September. Intrepid Guerba, is offering two free treks up to the Roof of Africa as a raffle prize for Bruce’s event, while Bruce’s company, Activenes Consultancy, will contribute £500 per person towards the costs of flights. Every cent raised in the raffle will go to help the Amani children.

Whether you have an adventurous spirit – or want to make a difference with your feet firmly on the ground – this is a great opportunity. Last year the climb raffle raised nearly £5000, sending 53 children to primary school for an entire year. With your help we can make it possible to give more children the opportunities that an education brings.

Visit to buy your raffle tickets today!

More celebrities to climb Kilimanjaro
Posted by Henry at 11:23 am, May 6th 2009.
Following on from March’s successful expedition by a group of British celebrities, squeaky-voiced singing sensation and Britney Spear’s ex, Justin Timberlake, is planning to climb Kilimanjaro with his mate, hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco, in the autumn. They will be joining Ethiopian-born singer Kenna on the climb, which has been arranged to raise awareness of the worldwide water crisis.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Kenna explained his reasons behind organising the expedition: “My dad almost died as a child from waterborne diseases in Ethiopia, and he had talked to me about digging a well there, and I thought, ‘I have too many friends who would be concerned with the subject of clean water. Maybe I can help out.”

We do of course wish them well on the trek and will keep you informed of their progress as they prepare for the climb.

Climbers wanted for Autism trek
Posted by Henry at 2:16 pm, April 28th 2009.
On the 20-29 November around a dozen brave souls will be pitting themselves against Africa’s highest mountain in aid of the South African charity Autism Western Cape – and you have a chance to join them.

Gerhard Pieterse has written to tell us that, though there are 11 on the climb, there are one or two spaces free for those who want to climb for this charity. However, as Gerhard says, while he would welcome other climbers ‘if someone is going to join it would be on the basis that the individual understand he/she will be expected to raise funds for Autism and not join the trek because it’s a life dream to summit Kili.

To find out more about the charity, visit , while for details on the trek itself visit [ADDRESS NO LONGER VALID]. Gerhard would welcome emails from both potential trekkers and, of course, donors.

We do of course wish Gerhard and friends well on their trek, and will let you know how they all do in due course.


Women climbers in their sixties wanted for magazine article.
Posted by Henry at 6:55 am, April 16th 2009.

I have been contacted by Emma Pritchard who is looking for women in their sixties (or older) who have climbed Kilimanjaro recently for charity. She would like to interview somebody who fits this description for a magazine article she is writing for July’s issue of Women & Home.

If this sounds like you – or someone you know – we’d be very grateful if you could get in touch with us here at the usual address ( and I’ll pass on your details to Emma.

Donations – and climbers! – required for Canadian MS chaity climb
Posted by Henry at 3:08 pm, April 9th 2009.
Belinda Lamoca, from Toronto, Canada, has written to tell us of an unusual charity project that raises money for a Canadian Multiple sclerosis charity.

In September 2008 23 climbers raised more than CA$155,000 by completing the Inca Trail, the first leg in a five-year project aiming to raise more than CA$1 million. The second leg is scheduled for October this year when climbers will be attempting to climb Kilimanjaro, with each member of the group charged with raising CA$10,000.

As Belinda says: “The vision of MS Climb is to raise awareness and support for Canadians living with MS, but more specifically it is to change the experience for people newly diagnosed with MS and to put a ‘new face’ on it for them so they can be confident they will lead an active life with the disease, and know that they can achieve their goals through perseverance and action. Proceeds support the MS Society of Canada which enables people affected by MS by enhancing their quality of life, providing them hope for the future through research seeking treatment and a cure, and through assistive services.”

Expeditions planned for future years include Everest Base Camp, the Great Wall of China and Canada’s very own Kilkoot Trail.

If you would like to sign up for the Kilimanjaro trek this year, or indeed any of the future MS climbs, you can visit their website at . They also have a site that is supported by the Canadian MS Society who have details about their project at [ADDRESS NO LONGER VALID].

We wish Belinda and all members of MS Climb the best of luck on Kilimanjaro – and wherever else the project takes them.



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