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Climb in aid of Australian Cancer Relief
Posted by Henry at 8:57 am, September 29th 2010.

On 21 December 2009 2009 Robert (Bob) Short lost his four year fight against Cancer. Exactly one year later, on 21 December 2010 her wife, Karen and daughter Debbie will begin an ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, both in memory of their husband and father and to raise funds for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Though they have only been fundraising for a few short months, they have already reached their target of AU$10,000 (at the last count they had reached AU$10,400). That does not mean they have stopped raising money for this most worthy of causes, however – and you can contribute by visiting the webpage they have set up for this purpose at ise.php?id=4918

We do of course wish both Debbie and Karen well in their adventure and hope to bring you an update on their progress at the end of the year.

The sky at night from Kilimanjaro
Posted by Henry at 6:43 am, August 11th 2010.
If there is one thing that everybody remarks about on Kilimanjaro, it is the amazing number of stars people can see at night while climbing it. Unaffected by the light pollution that blights the Western World, the sky at night on Kilimanjaro is truly one of the great – and unsung- attractions of climbing Africa’s highest mountain.

Those in the US who want to know a bit more about what it is they are actually seeing up in the sky while climbing should get hold of a copy of September 2010’s Sky and Telescope magazine ( Shawn Quinn, the author, climbed the mountain in June of last year via the Lemosho/Western Breach trail and lugged some rather nifty astronomy equipment (including a tracking mount) with him in order to capture some beautiful images of the stars along the way.

Do check out the magazine and Shawn’s article – it’s just beautiful!

Brit becomes officially the oldest person to climb Kilimanjaro
Posted by Henry at 7:59 am, August 3rd 2010.

Following on from our report back in July, we are pleased to be able to announce that grandad George Solt, a retired professor from Olney in Buckinghamshire, has become officially the oldest man to reach the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro.

Mr Solt, who is 82, reached the peak with the help of his daughter-in-law Hillary, and three of his grandchildren.

Nice one George!

Brit tries to become officially the oldest person to climb Kilimanjaro
Posted by Henry at 8:39 pm, July 5th 2010.
Next Friday George Solt, from Maidenhead in the UK, will begin his attempt to be officially recognised as the oldest man ever to stand at the summit Kilimanjaro.

Mr Solt, who is 82, will be climbing on the Machame Route and taking 8 days in total to reach the summit and descend again, will be accompanied on his climb by five members of his family.

Those Kilimanjaro-buffs among you will note that Mr Solt is in fact five years younger than Valtee Daniel, the mysterious Frenchman who at 87 is accepted by some as the oldest man on the summit. But Mr Daniel’s climb has never been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records, who insist on certain rules being followed in order for a climber’s claim to be accepted. In particular, the record attempt has to be verified by independent witnesses, must be filmed and photographed as well as meticulously documented in a log book.

As such, they currently have American Carl Haupt as the oldest man, as he reached the summit aged 79 back in 2004.

We do of course wish Mr Solt every success and hope to bring you news of his attempt as it happens.

4 wheel Bob is gunning for Kilimanjaro
Posted by Henry at 10:46 am, July 2nd 2010.

In another of our very occasional bulletins on extraordinary people attempting to overcome insurmountable obstacles to climb Kilimanjaro, news has reached us that Bob Coomber, aka 4wheelBob, has set his sights on climbing Africa’s highest mountain. As you may have guessed from his moniker, Bob is wheelchair bound, having developed juvenile diabetes in the 1970s, when he was still in his twenties.

Bob as a bit of previous in this field: in 2007 Bob he was the first person in a wheelchair to conquer California’s third highest peak, White Mountain (14,246′). Bob has also navigated his chair up two other Californian peaks, Mt. Diablo and North Peak, as well as Mission Peak in Fremont. In October of 2010, Bob plans to move things up a gear by tackling Kilimanjaro.

The Kilimanjaro trip is being sponsored, with the money raised going towards distributing 200 wheelchairs in Arusha, in partnership with The Wheelchair Foundation of Danville.

There are a number of ways you can keep up with Bob’s project and see how his preparation is going:
Facebook Page:

Blogtalkradio Interview:

We do of course wish him the very best of luck, and will hopefully let you know how he gets on during his expedition. Good luck Bob!

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