News October-December 2010

Nuns climbing Kili for charity!
Posted by Henry at 3:25 pm, December 15th 2010.
In what may be a first, two nuns will shortly be climbing for charity.

The sisters, Sister Aurelia and Sister Lucy, are climbing as part of a group of five who are climbing in order to raise funds for SHOCC (Strawberry Hill Overseas Charity Concern). The other climbers include Charlotte Coleman, who is climbing with her father and collecting money for the school she is helping to build in Cherekeni, about 8km from Moshi; and Sister Aurelia’s brother.

To find out more about Charlotte and her father’s fundraising you can visit their webpage at

We wish them all the best and will hopefully let you know how they get on in due course.

Climb Kilimanjaro at Adventure Travel Live!
Posted by Henry at 11:13 am, December 9th 2010.
The Adventure Travel Live show will once again take place in London’s Royal Horticultural Halls, near Victoria Station. And this year there is a particular emphasis on God’s greatest mountain, with the Kilimanjaro Virtual Challenge!

Organised by those good people at the Altitude Centre in London’s Covent Garden, the challenge simulates the Umbwe Route and the conditions one can find at various altitudes in a special chamber that they are bringing to the show.

In addition I will also be giving my usual talk on climbing the mountain in the Discover Africa Theatre (Theatre 6) from 1pm to 1.45pm on Saturday 29 January 2011. All being well, I will also, as usual, be hanging around the Trailblazer stand (the publishers of the Kilimanjaro guide) afterwards to answer any questions you may have.

You can find out more about the show at

I look forward to meeting with some of you there!

Kilimanjaro Marathon announced
Posted by Henry at 8:50 am, November 22nd 2010.

The Ninth Kilimanjaro Marathon was announced in a ceremony in Dar es Salaam yesterday. The annual race – Tanzania’s only international meeting – is scheduled to take place on 27 February 2011 and will, as usual, head up the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro before returning to Moshi.

Amongst the sponsors are The Tanzania Breweries Limited (makers of Kilimanjaro Beer), Moshi’s Keys Hotel, the Tanzanian Tourist Board, Precisionair and Kilimanjaro Water. One assumes that the Kiliman Challenge – where some marathon competitors choose to climb the mountain first, then cycle round the mountain, before taking part in the marathon at the end – will also be running as usual.

We’ll keep you informed of developments over the coming weeks and months to come.

83-year-old woman climbs Kilimanjaro!
Posted by Henry at 2:34 pm, October 31st 2010.
A reader has sent me an article from their local newspaper – the Rapid City Journal – about 83-year-old Bernice Buum who back in September of this year managed to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro! In doing so, I believe that Bernice has become the oldest woman to get to the summit.

Bernice, who was accompanied by her niece and long-time trekking companion Judy Myers, took six days to complete the trek – four up, two down. She began her training by climbing the 10 flights of stairs at the Rapid City Regional Hospital at the hospital where she volunteers. She described her experience as the ‘adventure of a lifetime’ – but won’t be hurrying back anytime soon, though will continue to hike around the US and near her home.

Congratulations Bernice – climbing Kilimanjaro is some achievement at any age!

Scientists warn of the dangers of altitude
Posted by Henry at 11:44 am, October 28th 2010.
A few newspapers in the UK recently carried a report on a study done on Kilimanjaro by researchers from the University of Edinburgh. It makes for worrying reading.

In it, they suggest that many people who climb Kilimanjaro are unaware of the dangers of altitude. They tested 200 people on the mountain and found that 47% of people were suffering from altitude sickness before they had reached the summit, and the majority of climbers were climbing too far too fast.

Stewart Jackson, who conducted the study that was initially reported in the journal ‘High Altitude medicine and biology’ said “We found that many climbers knew little or nothing about altitude sickness. Undertaking an acclimatisation trek before attempting to summit Mount Kilimanjaro offers climbers the best chance of a safe, successful summit.”

Climb to raise money for two rape charities
Posted by Henry at 12:23 pm, October 7th 2010.

On 17 July next year, Faye Wilson will be travelling to Tanzania to climb GOd’s greatest mountain. In doing so, she will be raising money for two charities: Rape Crisis Scotland and Corrieneuchin Aberdeenshire. Both charities help children and adults who have been raped and abused. As a a rape survivor herself who only went public this year, Faye knows how important these support charities are and is climbing Kilimanjaro in order to raise awareness of the issues around these topics and encourage others to use these services.

If you wish to support Faye in her endeavours then you can contact her directly at

We do of course wish Faye every success.

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