News October-December 2011

Strolling Stevedores aim for the summit of Africa!
Posted by Henry at 8:54 am, December 29th 2011.
On 26 January this year six men, of varying ages and degrees of fitness, will be beginning an expedition on Kilimanjaro that they hope will see them, 6 days later, standing on the summit of Africa’s Highest Mountain. The men – Trevor Cable, Ian Gow, Gary Newson, Nick Lord, Mel Jacobs & John Mundy – are all stevedores working at the port of Felixtowe, on England’s east coast, and aim to raise money for a local charity, the St Elizabeth Hospice which is in Ipswich. The hospice provides free palliative care to people with incurable illnesses and their families in East Suffolk. It runs an 18-bed in-patient unit, a day centre and cares for people in their own homes through its Hospice at Home service.

The trip has been totally self financed and all money raised will go directly to the hospice. The team are taking the Unique Rongai Route on the mountain.

If you wish to donate to this most worthy of causes, you can visit their justgiving page:

We do of course wish Trevor and the gang a safe and successful climb – and we’ll let you know how they get on after February 1st – when they should be coming off the mountain.

New biography on Kilimanjaro ‘discoverer’ Rebmann
Posted by Henry at 3:31 pm, November 4th 2011.
I have recently received an email from a Mr Steven Paas, the author of a new and recently released book on Johannes Rebmann. As many of you will know, Mr Rebmann was a missionary from Switzerland who achieved fame as the first Westerner to see Kilimanjaro. He was also, unwittingly, the man who set off a twenty-year feud when he described the mountain’s summit as being covered in snow – a claim that was disputed by many African ‘experts’ (many of whom had never actually been to the continent, but preferred to pontificate from the comfort of their leather armchairs back in London and elsewhere).

The book, a must-read for African historians and Kili-philes alike, is entitled ‘Johannes Rebmann: A Servant of God in Africa before the Rise of Western Colonialism’, is published by VTR Publications and available on for US$29.95.

Go on, treat yourself this Christmas!

Price increases from November 1 2011
Posted by Henry at 9:33 am, October 28th 2011.
Please note that with effect from November 1 of this year we will be increasing the prices of our treks. The increase won’t be too significant – around US$70-100 per person – and are unavoidable due to an increase in costs and the prices charged to us by our supplier. Note that those who already have bookings or who have already made enquiries about our treks and have been quoted a price will NOT be subject to these price increases.

So if you want to take advantage of the 2011 prices, you have until Monday evening to book your trek!

Baboon on Kilimanjaro!
Posted by Henry at 7:18 am, October 24th 2011.
Earlier this month I received an email from Glen Littlemore, who successfully climbed Kilimanjaro recently using the Rongai Route. Glen had written in because on the first day’s walk, as you come to the wooden toilet (the first such toilet on the path) in the woods, his group had been surprised by a large baboon that strolled out of the trees – and then strolled back into them again, disappearing into the undergrowth.

As anybody who has climbed Kili will know, spotting wildlife on the mountain is not easy – save for the occasional monkey and mouse, of course. It also provides further evidence that the Rongai Route remains one of the best for such sightings (over the past year a couple of the guides also reported seeing buffalo below Mawenzi Tarn), mainly because of its proximity to Amboseli National Park in Kenya, from where the animals stroll up in the search of water. (That said, there were also reports earlier this year of a leopard near the Machame trail – proof that the animals do still hang around Kilimanjaro, it’s just that they tend to leave humans alone most of the time!)

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