News July-Sept 2012

Climb for CLIC Sargent

Early next year four brave souls from the UK will be attempting to climb Kilimanjaro. Their aim is a lofty one – and the charity they are hoping to raise money for a very worthy one. I will let one of their number, Paul Stanton, take up the story himself:

In February 2013, I am planning a trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest Mountain in support of CLIC Sargent, one of the UK’s leading cancer charities for children.

The reason I am supporting this charity is extremely personal, as many of you will know, last year we sadly discovered that my godson Ben Crutchley, a fantastic, lively 9 year old boy had developed a multiple brain tumour and was given a very short time to live. Ben’s family and everyone who knew him were completely devastated and they set about making the following months the happiest they could for Ben.

During this time CLIC Sargent not only provided clinical support to Ben but practical and emotional support to his family (& friends) to help them cope with the cancer and get the most out of their remaining time with Ben.

Sadly we lost Ben on the 23rd February this year, just 2 weeks before his 10th birthday. It was at this point that CLIC Sargent proved invaluable in supporting the family and as such I wanted to find a way of giving something back for the support and assistance they provided.

The trek is my way of doing this. I am funding ALL costs in relation to this trek, in order that every penny donated goes to the charity.

Ben’s father, Nige Crutchley will be one of the team who is joining me on the ascent and it is poignant that we will be completing the trek just prior to the first anniversary of Ben’s death.

So please dig deep and donate, it really is going to a good cause.

Thank you


We do of course wish Paul, Nigel and his friends every success – and will let you know how they get on early next year.

More news on flights into Kilimanjaro Airport.
Following on from Qatar Airways inaugural flight on Wednesday, it was announced by Tanzania’s Natural Resources and Tourism Minister, Khamis Kagasheki that other airlines including Emirates and Turkish Airlines were also looking to begin services to KIA. If they did, they would join Qatar Airways, KLM, Ethiopian and Kenyan Airways (via their partners Precision Air) in flying into northern Tanzania’s main hub.

There are also a couple of smaller European companies offering flights too. Edelweiss are a small Swiss airline that began flying into Kilimanjaro and the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa in the winter of 2010/2011. They currently fly in the summer (July-October), once a week on a Sunday night from Zurich to Kilimanjaro, arriving (and flying out) the next morning. While Condor are a German outfit flying every Tuesday evening from Frankfurt (Thursdays in winter), arriving early Wednesday (Friday in winter) morning at Kilimanjaro International.

Another 8-year-old reaches the summit
This is one of those stories that either fills you with awe and inspiration – or makes you a little depressed at the precocity of youth. Yes, it’s the tale of another nipper, barely weaned from his mother’s breast – and who probably only learnt to walk half a dozen years ago – but who has already made it to the top of Africa’s highest mountain. This time it’s 8-year-old Tyler Armstrong of Yorba Linda (it’s in Orange County, California, apparently, right next to the almost hilariously named ‘Placentia’ according to my googlemaps) who, together with his ‘pops’ (as he probably calls him) made it to the summit of Kilimanjaro last week.

It should be noted that Tyler’s got a bit of previous when it comes to tackling high mountains while still a mere pup: last year he became the youngest to climb the 14,505-foot Mount Whitney summit in one day.

According to local newspaper the OC Register, Tyler trained for the climb by running on a treadmill with a weighted backpack, though he still had a struggle making it. As the august Register says:

‘As he reached the 17,500-foot point, he became fatigued and “lost power in my legs.”

“My dad just kept saying ‘We can do this,'” Tyler said. “He told me to eat and then I ate some bananas and some other fruit and it made me feel good again.”

Just as impressive as the conquest of Kilimanjaro is Tyler’s fundraising, earning around $10,000 an organization called CureDuchenne, who deal with children suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The co-founder of CureDuchenne, Paul Miller, accompanied Tyler and his dad on the climb.

I guess there’s nothing left to say except offer our hearty and sincere congratulations: Nice one Tyler!

Qatar Airlines opens new route to Kilimanjaro

Good news for those planning to climb Kili in the near future. Qatar Airlines have announced that from July 25 they will be flying DAILY to and from Kilimanjaro Airport. Particularly useful for those flying from Asia (who previously have had to fly via the Middle East and Kenya to reach Kilimanjaro), they arrive daily at 8.30am or 2.40pm, departing 2-3 hours later back to Doha. Visit for more details.

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