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Need help negotiating Nairobi Airport?

February 13th, 2016|Advice|

Just received an interesting email from one of our climbers, Lynn Highland, about a service that we’d not come across before that helps you negotiate the chaos of Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta Airport. We’ve reprinted the email in full here:

“The Nairobi airport is the definition of a goat rodeo. Since I knew I would have been travelling for over 30 hours (and not exactly at my sharpest when I got there), I hired Nairobi Airport Transfers ( to help me from one plane to the other.

I had 2 hours between the Emirates flight from Dubai and the small Kenya Air plane to JRO. I would likely have not made the Kenya flight without help.

A young woman met me just inside the immigration line at bag claim (I was surprised to have to buy a visa — $20US — just to change planes). The visa process was slow. Everyone else holding signs for arriving passengers was out on the street.

I found myself trotting after the young woman who was pushing the bag trolley out in the street dodging taxis and ducking under ropes. She flashed her badge and we used every priority queue we saw.

She also seemed to personally know every customs and airline person we met. She just waved as customs and kept running.

Best $25 I ever spent, I think.

Beautiful weather in Arusha today.


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