The latest edition of our bestselling guidebook to climbing Kilimanjaro is now in the shops in the UK and should be with Amazon and other US outlets by the middle of next week.
This fourth edition has been completely updated but still includes all the information that anyone looking to climb Kilimanjaro would want.
As always, the book contains everything you need to take you from your sofa to the summit, including comprehensive reviews of all the major trekking agencies both in Tanzania and abroad; details on what to pack; and how to get fit for Kilimanjaro and how to prepare for your climb.
There’s also a study in how to get to Kilimanjaro, and a comprehensive guide to the towns and cities that will be your base before and after your climb; plus, of course, a thorough look at the mountain itself, its geology, history, flora and fauna, as well as in-depth descriptions of all the routes up the mountain.
You can read more about the book by visiting the following page – – where you can also find links so you can order your copy through Amazon UK and Amazon US.