Kilimanjaro blogs

As with the other pages in this section, if you have seen a Kilimanjaro related website that you like, or you have established one yourself, then don’t hesitate to get in touch and, if we like it too, we’ll give it a mention here.

AK in Chile: Summit-bound on Kilimanjaro  – A first-timer from New York’s (though resident in Chile) experience on the mountain with her dad and his mate.

Amy and Caroline – Blog of two Engish girls climbing for charity in 2012 and their training around the Peak District.

Andrew Mitchinson – Online diary of a couple of friends – Mitchy and Hoppy – who climbed via our Unique Rongai Route and recorded their progress as they went, February 2011.

Andy Morris’ Kili Blog – Humorous blog of an Englishman’s attempt to get fit and climb Kili to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Ann Hewitt – Thorough blog by someone who describes herself as ‘an unlikely candidate for success. I was 54 years old, overweight, a couch potato…’ A good read.

Ashley Halls – From Couch Potato to Mountain Goat in one year!

Barry Finlay – Blog about the experience of a 60-year-old climbing Kilimanjaro with his son and his subsequent fundraising efforts to provide classrooms and clean water for schools in Tanzania. Also now a book: Kilimanjaro & Beyond – A Life-changing journey.

Bruce Fraser Kili Blog – Blog of husband, father, brother, son, district (visiting) nurse, friend and would-be mountain climber Bruce Fraser, who will be climbing in June 2011 in aid of Diabetes Uk (his youngest son has Type 1 diabetes).

Chris Wristen – Not a blog as such but a magazine article written by a journalist who climbed with us back in June 2010.

Dave Greten – From the airport to the summit, Dave’s climb is one of the most comprehensively documented on the net.

Diana Maynard – Blog of Diane who’s due to climb Kilimanjaro in February next year (2013), detailing her preparations and progress.

Eric Mazur – Highly entertaining and informative blog written on his mobile phone while climbing with his son on the mountain during the rainy season last year.

Greg W’s Blog – Another funny Kili blog – well written and honest.

Idiot on a Mountain – Derrick Murray climbed Africa’s highest mountain in March 2011 to celebrate his birthday. Readable and very professional looking, and he booked his climb through us – so he’s certainly no idiot!

Maryland Phil’s Blog – Well-illustrated simple blog of a successful climb.

Matt Cutt’s Blog – Interesting blog about one man’s attempt to climb Kili, full of interesting tips and hints – and he’s complimentary about my book too, which is nice.

Matt Walmsley – One of the most thorough blogs I’ve come across, Matt isn’t climbing with us until June but his detailed descriptions of his preparation, including his ‘shopping list’ and fitness preparations are comprehensive and very informative – great stuff!

Mawson Chipchase – Very detailed blog of two guys trying to raise twenty grand for Alzheimer’s Society by climbing Kili.

Passports & Pearls – Blog by Amanda Casto that concentrates on climbing Kilimanjaro from both a female perspective – and from somebody trying to do it on a budget!

Sophie Felton – She describes it as ‘a bit rubbish’ but I actually quite enjoyed this lady’s diary of her Machame Route climb, conducted in July 2010.

Simon vs Kilimanjaro – Blog of Brit as he pits himself  against the mountain, including details of his preparation in the Peak District.