Flights to Kenya

In addition to flights to Tanzania, you may wish to consider flights to Nairobi in Kenya, which is only a five-hour shuttle bus ride to Arusha – a city that is, itself, only three hours’ drive from Kilimanjaro. It is also usually rather cheaper to fly to, and gives you the chance of taking in one of Kenya’s world-renowned game reserves (which are cheaper when compared to Tanzania’s parks) before or after your Kilimanjaro trek.

Note, however, that by choosing to fly to Kenya you may need a multiple-entry Kenya visa (if you are flying out of Kenya, too, for example, and spend longer than a fortnight in Tanzania), which for Brits and others can cost as much as £70/US$122 – thereby reducing or eliminating any saving you may have made in airfares. (For details of whether you will require a multiple-entry visa or can get away with a single-entry visa for Kenya, consult the guidebook.) Furthermore, there is all the extra travelling to and from Kilimanjaro to consider (though a shuttle bus is only US$30 each way to/from Arusha).

You will find city guides in the book to Nairobi, including details of how to get from Nairobi to Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro.

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