Once again I am very grateful to KINAPA for supplying the statistics for the fourth edition of our bestselling guide, ‘Kilimanjaro: the Trekking Guide to Africa’s Highest Mountain”, from which this article is taken.

I’m not sure how reliable they are, but they are the best we can get; plus, to be fair, they do seem to conform to my own experience of which nationalities climb the most.

These are the latest figures we have for which nationality climbs Kilimanjaro the most:

  1. Americans 9870
  2. British 8370
  3. Germans 4252
  4. Canadians 3201
  5. Australians 2699
  6. Tanzanians 2597
  7. French 2448
  8. Swiss 1796
  9. Norwegians 1678
  10. Polish 1317
  11. South Africans 1313
  12. Japanese 1246
  13. Danish 1156
  14. Italians 1135
  15. Austrians 1086
  16. Dutch 987
  17. Irish 928
  18. Chinese 772
  19. Swedish 748
  20. Indians 603
  21. New Zealanders 302
  22. Others 8952

I suppose the above figures hold few surprises for those who know the mountain. Brits, of course, have a colonial connection to East Africa and are great travellers. In general Americans don’t travel as much as Brits but for some reason they love Kilimanjaro, a passion that I can only ascribe, maybe, to the ‘Hemingway effect’, his books doing much to publicise the mountain in his native country.

The emergence of the new economic superpowers, India and China, appears to be reflected in their figures, too, with both enjoying big leaps in the number of their countrymen climbing the mountain in 2011/12 – a trend we can perhaps expect to continue in the next few years at least.