I’ve received several emails over the past few days from a Mr Christopher Loynd, telling us of a recent expedition he took with his children up Kilimanjaro.

Nothing unusual in that, of course – except that in this case the children’s ages were remarkable.

For starters, one of them, Amara Loynd, was only eight years old. Not quite young enough to beat the record for the youngest person to get to the summit, unfortunately (the record for the youngest person to climb Kilimanjaro is six years old), but impressive enough.

But it is the successful ascent of her two elder brothers that stands out. Alan and Alex Loynd are twins and they both reached the summit on their tenth birthday – thereby setting a new record for the youngest people above ten years old to reach the summit.

(Ten years old is a significant age for climbing Kilimanjaro, as it is the minimum legal age that you are allowed to climb the mountain. Any younger than this and you have to ask for permission from the authorities.)

Given that it was their tenth birthday on June 24th, when they reached the summit, this record can’t be broken. It also breaks the long-standing record of Jordan Romero, who was ten years and eleven days old when he got to the top.

Incidentally, also in their party was a fourth sibling, Adaeze, who was a venerable eleven years old when she got to the top.

you can find out more about their trek by following this link to a video on their facebook page about the Loynd’s record-breaking climb.

Congratulations to everyone!