The following are letters and emails sent in by trekkers who have booked their climb through us over the past few years. We try to keep this section up to date, and delete messages that are what we consider ‘old’ - rather than relying on recommendations that are years old to advertise our treks.

Of course, all these messages are genuine. Some of the people have expressed a willingness to be contacted by potential trekkers to talk about their experience with us; so if you are interested in booking your climb through us we can organise this.

Anyway, hope you find them useful:

What our clients say

I want to thank you… for the amazing experience
Christina Radoi
The guides were fabulous, the food great and the porters did an amazing job.
Lynda Freeman
…everyone was so helpful and kind
Andrew Weavis
The guides were very caring and helpful at all times.
Anna Rzepecki
The entire experience was so much more than Jon & I expected..
Sachiko Pedder
the experience could not have been better. The food was excellent
Amy Tizzard
We were lucky to choose the right company, because the whole trip from A-Z was perfectly organized
Rolf Sommer
Honestly, there is nothing we would change about how your team supported us…absolutely delighted
Elizabeth Southworth
Our trip was absolutely fantastic and your help and advice when we were planning was invaluable
Malcolm Best
…not one suggestion I can make to improve their program. From start to finish – absolutely fabulous!
Marianne Hirsche
We had a great crew…
the food, the accommodation and the private toilet, all was excellent.
Janine van Krieken
I have climbed with a total of 5 different guide services and CMK ranks with me as one of the best.
Phil Saroyan
All our requests were seen to with a smile, however hard they may be.
Manasi Agrawal
For me, the standout of the expedition was the food.
Jennifer Moss
The guides, porters and cooking team were fantastic…
Stephen Patterson
Our team was great… I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.
Justine Payton
..the several million questions I asked you paid off because we were well prepared…
Ingrid Code
From the first day that I made enquires with Henry, till the day I left for the trek, he was with me every step of the way, even after I had made my deposit…was always spot on with his answers.
Alan Kiong
It was the most wonderful experience and every bit as “good” as I hoped it would be and this was very largely due to the smooth organisation by yourself…and of course the fabulous team of guides and porters.
Miranda Thomas
…all involved made the climb perfect.
…thanks for co-ordinating it all so smoothly over the 18 months planning and thanks for firing our enthusiasm over a chinese in London.
Scott Hill
For the porters, guides and rest of the staff I have nothing but praise… we couldn’t manage without them… having the pleasure of one per guest for the summit night made all the difference.
Rod Murdoch
Just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know that our trek was perfect.  We both comfortably reached the summits at Meru and Uhuru, and had a terrific experience all around.  Crew was outstanding.
David Ashmore
We all six summitted to the Uhuru Peak, a feat that would not have been accomplished, I am convinced, had we used another outfitter. From the moment we embarked it was clear that we were in good hands.
Rick Lucas
I liked how you were really candid and honest…and everything you said was pretty much spot-on. All members of the team were WONDERFUL..always smiling and providing excellent support.
Yui Pow
Honestly, the trip surpassed our expectations, and the crew were just outstanding
Bruce Edwards & Indre Krivosejevaite
…our climb went so smoothly. I couldn’t have hoped for anything more.
Nancy Wilson
The quality of the food and the menus was far greater than I’d imagined
Hayley Lang
Everything went to plan and Simon our guide was superb.
Paul Stanton
The mattress was very thick, comfortable and warm — just as you promised.
Bruce Lawler
Everything was exactly as you described it… Our guide, Simon, was terrific.
Melissa Dabb

Those reviews in full

From David Fook, Ireland (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemosho Route, 28 September 2015):

Hi Henry

I hope you are well. This is a belated email as after my climb I went on a safari and only returned home yesterday.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you did in relation to my trek, I had the most brilliant time. The group I was with (we were all strangers before we started) were fantastic people, united at the beginning only by reading your book and deciding to travel with you. We bonded from the first moment and it was our combined strength and resolve that got us through the epic that is summit day. I would not have swapped them for anyone else in the world.

Team Kilimanjaro were excellent throughout, particularly Deo, the head guide, and Edwin and Prosper the assistant guides. The operation was faultless from start to finish and their good humour, knowledge and expertise ensured we all made it to the top. The food was incredible given the surroundings and the friendliness and attentiveness of the porters really helped us keep going. It doesn’t surprise me now having experienced it that they have such a high success rate.

I know you have summitted many times but for me it will be just once this lifetime. However I will remember the eight days I spent on the mountain for the rest of it. I’m not too proud to say i shed a tear or two on reaching Uhuru Peak and when I think of that moment I get an enormous sense of pride and happiness. I don’t think that will ever change.

Many thanks again and all the best for the future.


From Steve Harry and Julia Erler, Belgium (reached the summit via the Machame Route, 28 September 2015):

Dear Henry,

We wanted to get in touch to say a huge thank you for helping us organise a trip of a lifetime. We had such an amazing time on Kilimanjaro and during the safari, words can hardly describe it.
The whole team was really great, Freddy, Athumani, Noel, Max, Boniface, Lucas, Santa, Aziz, all the other porters. But we wanted to especially say that Athumani (or King Kili as we liked to call him) was particularly brilliant for us. He was very attentive, always watching out for everybody and explaining everything we needed to know. We felt very safe with him. His patience with us when we were struggling was saintly and he took the time to get to know everybody while trekking. He is most definitely the reason why we reached the summit without any problems.
Isy, our Safari guide was also excellent, he was able to answer all of our questions, he was always happy and gave us a great all-round Safari experience.
Please could you forward this on to Team Kilimanjaro to show our appreciation for the whole expedition. We will definitely be recommending you and TK to our friends for their next adventures. We had the holiday to end all holidays and cannot thank you and the TK crew enough.
Many thanks
Steve Harry and Julia Erler

From Renee Heal, Belgium (reached the summit via the Machame Route, 28 September 2015):

“Hi Henry and Team Kilimanjaro,

I am just back in Arusha after our 7 day Machame Route climb. The last week was one of the best of my life, due to the magnificent mountain, but also because of the TK crew. You have an exceptional bunch of individuals in the TK team, who take such pride in their work, the mountain, and this beautiful country. We summited the mountain on my birthday and not only did your superb guides and summit porters encourage, support, and motivate me to Uhuru Peak, they also went above and beyond to celebrate my birthday with cake, wine, and so much singing! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, and I am truly grateful to the entire team for their smiles, cheerfulness, professionalism, support, and friendship. As we say in New Zealand: “he tangata, he tangata, he tangata – it is people, it is people, it is people”.

This was an unforgettable experience, and I am truly so grateful.

With thanks,

From William Idzorek, US (reached the summit via the Machame Route, 28 September 2015):

“Hi Henry – Bill Idzorek writing to you from Tanzania. Just came off the 7-day Machame trek with Team Kilimanjaro. Wanted to let you know we had a fantastic week on the mountain. All nine of our climbers made the summit! Also, we all were very impressed with the entire TK team and the incredible job they did leading us and attending to so very many details. In particular I wanted to mention the great job our guide Athumani did throughout the week. His good nature, knowledge of the mountain and professionalism really stood out among the staff. We’re off on 3-day safari now but just wanted to let you know we had a great time on the mountain. Thank you for all your help arranging this wonderful life experience. Regards, Bill. “

And here’s one from Bill’s trekking partner:

“Hello Henry.

I just completed the climb of Kilimanjaro with Bill Idzorek. I would like to take this opportunity to commend the crew for a fantastic job. Our guides Fredrick, Noel, Max and particularly Athumanti are excellent at what they do. Everything exceeded my expectations on the adventure on Kilimanjaro. Looking forward to the safari now.

Best regards, David Larson”

And one more, this time from Prisca Prescott (reached the summit via the Machame Route, 28 September 2015). Concise, but pretty much sums up most people’s time on Kili:

“It was wonderful. Brilliant. Never been so dusty, unclean and so far from a shower but loved it!”

From Peter Coleman, US (reached the summit via the Machame Route, 28 September 2015):

“Henry –

I’ll write a more comprehensive email when I get home, but I did want to let you know what an extraordinary trip this has been.

It was truly a momentous life experience for me and one I’ll never forget. Despite very high expectations, the mountain’s scale, size and beauty blew me away. To my surprise, I became overcome with emotion upon reaching Stella Peak.

My fellow trekkers were great. The guides and porters were great. Simply put, I have no complaints or criticism at all. In particular, Noel, Max and Frederick were fantastic. But I hold the highest praise for Athumani who was personable, knowledgeable, and encouraging in all the right ways.

Thank you again for your help in putting this trip together.


Peter D. Coleman”

From Arne Petersen & Jacob Hyldtoft, US (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemosho Route, 5 July 2015):

“Dear Henry,

My Nephew and I had a fantastic trip to the top, and were favorably impressed by the professionalism of the whole team, and the efforts they put into assuring that we made it, in style :)

I would like to single out the performance of Hesbon, however. He is very competent, clearly a leader, and at the same time, very pleasant. On the final day he set a pitch perfect pace that took us to the top five minutes before sunrise, and before the crowds arrived. At the same time his frequent examination of our eyes for any sign of altitude sickness was reassuring. Sunrise, and the shadow of Kilimanjaro over Mount Meru and the cloud cover was magical. As we left many groups were arriving, having missed that perfect moment.

My Nephew and I are considering returning in five years, bringing our wives and children. If so, rest assured that we will request Hesbon to lead the expedition.

Let me add, that I have also appreciated your quick and helpful responses to questions, even after the trip had been booked :)

Best Regards


From Simon and Carolyn Lovegrove, UK (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemosho Route, 14 September 2014):

“Dear Henry,
Thank you so much for organising our trip to Kilimanjaro on our behalves. We had an fantastic trip and met up with a great group of people to share a lifetimes experience of reaching the roof of Africa! We all made it to the top and back safely. The guides and porters were brilliant.
It must have been my most difficult mental and physical challenge of my entire life. ….but it was well worth the pain and suffering.
Your book was invaluable and will be held in high regard on our living room book case for all to see and inspire! It was your book (in Waterstones in Richmond) that encouraged us to do pursue this mad adventure in the first place. We are now thinking about what to conquer for our next bucket list item. Any ideas, please let us know!
Best wishes

From Mo Mendonca, US (reached the summit – and spent a night in the Crater – via the Alternative Lemosho Route, 8 September 2014):

“Hello Henry,
I hope you are doing great. I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that our visit to Tanzania was a huge success and we could not be happier on how things went.
I wanted to thank you so very much for all the help, details, information and insight you provided. Without your guidance I’m sure our experience would have been quite different.
I will be very glad to act as a reference to any prospect climbers and feel free to provide my contact details to anyone wishing to speak to a recent customer. Hopefully I can contribute to more successful expeditions in the near future.
We were treated excellently. A few comments you might appreciate…
. Jackson, our head guide, is an excellent professional and a truly good person. I feel we were very lucky having him as our head guide. TK is lucky to have him representing them.
. Morris, our cook, amazed us every day with his food. We were always full and satisfied after every meal.
. Alois, our waiter, is the nicest guy ever and his bedside manners and the way he treated us was 5 stars. I think all 4 of us will remember his soft “Helloo… good morning… tea or coffee…asante” in the mornings for a long time.
. John, daysack porter, was funny, upbeat and very friendly. We all felt that he became a good friend by the end of the trip. I wish him success and hopefully he can transition into a more senior role in the near future.
. Everybody else was also fantastic and so very strong. The porters enabled us to achieve our dream, and while we did not have a lot of contact with them, we respect them immensely.
Our safari guide was Isidor, he was also great and treated us super well.
The Ngorongoro crater is one of those special places I will remember for all my life.
Lastly, thank you so very much for matching Fulvio and I with Jordan and Emma. It’s hard to describe the level of camaraderie and friendship we developed in such a short time, but I feel like I won two friends for life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me with the experience of a lifetime.
(you don’t happen to organize trips/adventures to other places, do you? smile emoticon )”

From Katrin Schutte & Johan Verlinden (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemosho Route, 9 September 2014):

“Having meanwhile returned home after a fantastic visit to Tanzania, I would very much like to express my thanks to your organization, the team who took us to the top of Kibo was just excellent.
I would like to mention as well that also the guidance we received from Frank Leonard who functioned as assistant guide in our trek was outstanding. In our view, he would also be a very capable chief guide. If there is any other place where we or other trekkers of our group could endorse this recommendation for Frank please let us know.
We will warmly recommend you to other people who became interested to climb the mountain based on our experience.
Thanks again,
Katrin Schutte & Johan Verlinden”

From Alan MacDonald (reached the summit via the Machame Route, 10 June 2014):

Hello Henry,
We’ve been home for a couple of weeks now and the dust has finally settled. I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks again for organising our trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
Everything about our trip was brilliant from start to finish. No one in our group had a single complaint.
The support team were especially good. Our guide Fred was brilliant! As were the assistant guides William and Frankie!
After a few days on the mountain we could see we had booked with the best company. Other hikers we spoke to on the mountain clearly weren’t getting the same level of support we were.
If I ever hear of anyone interested in climbing to Kibo then I will definitely recommend your team.
Also Reg who took us on the safari was really good too! Was able to answer every question we had about the animals but also was very knowledgeable about the area and gave us plenty of info about Arusha and Tanzania too! Great service.
Thanks again to Fred and the guys for making a truly memorable holiday!

From Anne Wagner (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 17 March 2014):

“Hi Henry
Just sending a belated thank you for organising my Kilimanjaro trek (Rongai 12- 18 March). I’m sure you’ve already received feedback from others in my group but will add mine anyway. Your guide book proved to be great reading to prepare for Kili. The guides and porters were terrific too. They looked after us really well, attending to all the practical arrangements along the way efficiently, feeding us mountains of great food and looking out for our physical well being all the time. The chief guide, Joshua, was really reassuring – and authoritative when needed. I felt very confident in his leadership – even if it felt like boot camp at times!

Thanks for the encouragement to tackle the climb. I’m so happy that I have proved to myself that as an ageing 62 yr old backpacker, I don’t have to lapse into sedentary cruises and garden/gourmet tours of Europe. (Am just trying to persuade myself that I don’t need to tackle the Kokoda track ,Papua New Guinea, to prove myself again!)
I’m really hoping to see more of Africa in the future.
Best wishes
Anne Wagner”

From Nancy Yo (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 17 March 2014):

“Hi Henry,

I hope all is well at your end.

It has been almost 2 months since I went on the Mt Kilimanjaro trip. I am so glad I joined the trek. It was a marvelous experience and the guides, Joshua Ruhimbi, Jackson Mtui and Ibrahim Mashaka and all others were wonderful and I really don’t think I could have made it to the summit without their support. On the night of the summit attack, I was almost hyper-ventilating and every step uphill was quite a struggle. I was pleasantly surprised when the summit crew started singing Jambo Mambo! The cheerful tune really did bring a smile to my face which was indeed quite grouchy. The summit crew really did know how to uplift the spirit of the climbers when it was most needed.

As for the visit to the Irkiwa School, I was glad to interact with the students. I brought some origami papers (colorful Japanese folding papers) and chocolates for the kids and did a small lesson on how to fold paper cranes. All Japanese kids learn to fold paper cranes when they are in pre-schools or in kindergarten, so I thought it will be quite fun to do a bit of a cultural exchange there. I was vey happy to see the sparkling eyes of the students.

Thank you for arranging a wonderful tour. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro has indeed been a wonderful experience and I will cherish the memories for life.

Take care,

From Cristina Radoi (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemsoho Route, 23 February 2014):

Hello Henry

I want to thank you and Team Kilimanjaro for the amazing experience I had during the eight days on Alternative Lemosho trip.

And, yes, I made it to the top having the advantages of a beautiful clear low wind night and a superb sunny morning.

The team which accompanied us was really great.

I learned more also about the wonderful work you and Team Kilimanjaro are doing for Kilimanjaro park, and the people of Kilimanjaro.

It is an amazing beautiful mountain, amazing nature, amazing country and great great people.

A short note on the camps from the day 3 and day 4. I read in your book that we should notify you. There is a lot of garbage left over, especially in the camp from day 4 (very bad at the outskirts of the camp). I understand that one reason is the missing rangers presence.

Many many thanks


From Rolf Sommer (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemsoho Route, 13 February 2014):

Dear  Henry,

A week after the great experience of climbing Kili with the team, and already back in the daily work, I would like to reflect a bit on the climb.

We were lucky to choose the “right” company, because the whole trip from A-Z was perfectly organized and worked out well.

Felix as the head guide did a fantastic job and listened to our needs and also observed our performance during the trip and proposed the right activity.

The other team members made the expedition the experience of the life for me and my son.

There is not a person to mention especially, the support over the 9 days was one team. They surprised us every day with great efforts and delicious food.

Despite the “unfriendly” weather with rain, hail and snow storms in the first 5 days, we were lucky on the last 2 days (up to school huts and summit day) with great weather.

I just want to thank you and TK,  and I will definitely recommend you to friends who have the intention to climb Kili.

Thank you and have a great day

Rolf Sommer

From Manasi Agrawal (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemsoho Route, 14 February 2014):

Dear Henry,

Hope you are doing well!

We got back home safe and sound after the trek, safari and a few days in turkey and wanted to share our experience with you.

We had an absolutely fantastic time and are very grateful for all the arrangements you and team kilimanjaro made. Our stay at Onsea was absolutely delightful and they took excellent care of us.

Hezbon, our guide, came to see us promptly the night before the climb and was very well informed and helpful. Through the trek, he took great care of us, carefully monitored our group for any symptoms and saw to all our requests and needs. He was also very good with the porters. The other guides, cook and porters were also wonderful, very helpful and pleasant and worked tirelessly to take care of us. All our requests were seen to with a smile, however hard they may be! On the day of the summit climb, we were slightly apprehensive but Hezbon allayed our doubts and throughout the trek, checked on us and made sure we ate and drank and kept moving. He had a great sense of how to pace us and encourage us. We felt very safe with him. Similarly, the rest of the team was also highly dependable and likeable. Victor, Masuzi, Barrack, Juju and all the porters were simply awesome.

Our only suggestions are:

1. To split the descent over another half day as it got very tiring to descend for 6 hours after a 8 hour summit climb and if at all possible.

2. We noticed that there was a lot of litter at several populated spots including batteries and wrappers strewn over the ground. Maybe the local authorities can be requested to place trash cans/ dumpsters are strategic points over the mountain?

Overall it was a fantastic climb and we couldn’t be happier we did it with you guys.

The safari came next. Our guide was Justin Peters, also very prompt, eager to help and always smiling. He took wonderful care of us, has great knowledge about the crater and animals and is an excellent spotter and driver. He managed to find several animals including lions and rhinos and hippos!! We saw way more animals than we had expected!!

Onsea is an absolutely impeccable resort and we highly recommend it to everyone. Outstanding service, cleanliness and delicious delicious food.

Our family had no trouble tracking us and followed our progress and photos on a daily basis. Their peace of mind helped us relax and enjoy ourselves.

We profusely thank you and the entire team who work tirelessly to make such wonderful memories for us. We are very appreciative and will positively push all our friends to trek with you guys should they plan to visit Kilimanjaro!

Best regards

Manasi and Shitij

From Rod Murdoch (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemsoho Route, 14 February 2014):

Hi Henry

You will be delighted to learn that the party of 6 of us made the summit of Kili on Friday last.

I think it was definitely the toughest challenge I have ever faced!  Sadly the weather was not good with wind and driving snow, but we all made it.

It took 8 hours to get up but the trip down was almost worse taking about 6 hours. Yes, a total of 14 hours difficult walking.  I appreciate that the majority of trekkers will be fit enough to do it but it seems to be just a bit too far to me.  It must be possible to reduce it without compromising the feeling that you have conquered the mountain?

For the porters, guides and rest of the staff I have nothing but praise. They do a difficult but essential job and we couldn’t manage without them!  They were extremely helpful and having the pleasure of one per guest for the summit night made all the difference.  They definitely earn their money.

It struck me, as walking up the hill, when the sky is clear it is possible to see a raft of stars and it would be nice to know, what they are.  The stars in the southern half of the sky being markedly different from those in the north.

So there are 2 suggestions:

1.  Less chaos at the start.  Not sure how that would be achieved?

2. A southern hemisphere Star Chart.

Thanks for all your help,



PS. What next?

From Nancy Wilson (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 2 February 2014):

Hi Henry,

I got back from Tanzania a couple of days ago and have just been reflecting on our experience. I want to thank you so much for facilitating everything for us. We had a wonderful experience. Everyone at TK was so great, and our climb went so smoothly. I couldn’t have hoped for anything more. I have already recommended you to a friend and will certainly continue to do so in the future.

Thank you!


From Malcolm Best (email received 29 December 2013; reached the summit via the Alternative Lemosho Route, July 2013):

Hi Henry

Much earlier this year we arranged a trek up Mt Kilimanjaro, a safari and a trip to Zanzibar all through you!  While in Tanzania and Zanzibar we even contacted you to help fix problems as they arose.  At one stage you said “I hope I hear from you when you get back”.

Our trip was absolutely fantastic and your help and advice when we were planning was invaluable, as well as being incredibly swift to respond, no matter how trivial and sometimes perhaps even silly our enquiries, all your advice was spot on and without it our trip would have been fundamentally less!Whether we were walking up Kilimanjaro, sitting in our mess tent, having a beer or two or three in the hotel bar in Arusha, on safari or just relaxing in Zanzibar we frequently spoke about you and your incredible help in putting it all together!

And that is why I owe you an apology.

I intended to contact you on our return and I assured the rest of our group – Tana, Robin, Anne, Becky and Kate (the lounge Bar Lizard) – that I would, which is why they have not!!

So please accept my apologies for taking some 5 months to send you a huge note of thanks!!

Hoping you had a brilliant Christmas and wishing you all the best for a brilliant, happy and healthy 2014!

Kind Regards



From Marianne Hirsche (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemosho Route, 11 October 2013):

Hi Henry,

Thanks for the email.

I wanted to drop a note saying thanks for all the prep documents you forwarded prior to my attempt.  They were very helpful and in discussion with other climbers who booked directly with TK, well exceeded the documents they received.

Please also pass on to TK what a great team they have.  I was so impressed with my guide, Joshua, as well as the other guides, Calvin, Jacob, and Amini.  There is not one suggestion I can make to improve their program.  From start to finish – absolutely fabulous!

I have friends and family interested in climbing Kili, and I will recommend booking through you and climbing with TK.  It was an amazing experience – can’t wait to climb it again.




From David Ashmore (reached the summit via the Umbwe Route, 7 October 2013, having first scaled Mount Meru):


Just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know that our trek was perfect.  We both comfortably reached the summits at Meru and Uhuru, and had a terrific experience all around.  Crew was outstanding.  We had Deo Shayo on Meru (who was a top-notch guide and guy) and Harold Lazaro (who was also excellent, as I know you know, because he showed us his picture in your book from trekking with you).  Will continue to give glowing reviews of TK & HS-TK!




From Bruce Edwards & Indre Krivosejevaite (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 27 September 2013):

Hi Henry,

Just a quick note to say Indre and I had the most amazing experience climbing up Kibo with TK. Honestly, the trip surpassed our expectations, and the crew were just outstanding, especially our guides, Alex and Donath.

We also shared a car back to the airport with Bianca from TK in CapeTown, so that was good to get some further insight.

Everything went so smoothly, it was just an incredible experience and now we are relaxing for a few days in Nungwi on Zanzibar, heading back to Switzerland tomorrow.

Thanks again for organising everything so well,

Kind regards

Bruce & Indre


From Alan Kiong (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemosho Route, 21 August 2013):

Good Day Henry

The following is the testimonial that I promised I would write for you.

I booked my 8 days Alternative Lemosho Route with Henry Stedman from CMK, who in turn uses Team Kilimanjaro for the climb.

From the first day that I made enquires with Henry, till the day I left for the trek, he was with me every step of the way.  All questions and enquiries were answered the very next day, even if I kept asking the same questions over and over again.  Never was there  a moment that I had any problems or issues dealing with him.  Even after I had made my deposit and final payment, he was always available for me to email, call or skpye.

Henry was always spot on with his answers.  If he say things like “don’t worry about it”, or “the guide will sort it out”, he means it because he knows how TK operate, so you can be rest assured that all your worries, problems and issues will be resolved.

The crew supplied by TK  cannot be described in words, because words do not do justice to the crew.  They were just fantastic. From the chief guide down to the porters, they were always more than  willing to go that extra mile to help you reach the summit.  The guides were always willing to carry our backpacks if they see us struggling.

Food was delicious and plentiful, was different eveyday except for breakfast and we did not have any stomach problems throughout the trek.

Drinking water was always treated and in abundance, and also we did not have any stomach problems throughout the trek.

Toilet was always clean and sweet smelling because the crew cleans the toilet after each use.

During summit night the chief guide, assistant guide and summit porter carried our backpacks, water and snacks all the way from base camp up to the summit.  We just needed to concentrate on the walk up to the summit.  They also kept singing and encouraging us not to give up.  We also did not have a problem with hydration pack and water bottles freezing up, because the guide knew what to do.  In fact the crew was my friend’s hands on summit night because he did not bring a glove liner and had to keep his hands in his jacket. The guide fed him with drinks and snacks.

Every morning and evening the chief guide will take our heart rate and O2 reading with an oximeter and also asked us how we were feeling.  In the evening he will brief us on what to expect the next day in terms of weather and how the trek is going to be like, and what to wear.

I will highly recommend CMK and TK to anyone who wants to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.  Their service was beyond my expectations. Everything was very well organised and executed, from the airport transfers, checking of gear, booking of hotel, to the trek.  Their professionalism and expertise played a major role in our success to reach the summit.  With things in their capable hands, we just had to focus on our walk and not worry about anything else. We truly had a wonderful time, and many thanks for helping us to reach the summit.  

Alan Kiong



From Phil Saroyan (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemosho Route, 7 August 2013):

Hello Henry

Just wanted to let you know that my trip to Kilimanjaro was fantastic!! Thank you so much for all your assistance!! I have climbed with a total of 5 different guide services and CMK/TK ranks with me as one of the best. All our needs were taken care of and special attention was given where necessary. The care and concern for the wellbeing of the clients was pervasive. I have included a picture of a very happy client!!

I had a fantastic trip and have already recommended CMK/TK to 5 other friends that I climbed with in Nepal that want to go to Kilimanjaro. Thanks again for all  your assistance – it really was helpful.

Smiles and Cheers



From Rick Lucas (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 19 June 2013):

Greetings Henry!

What a tremendously enjoyable adventure.  Due in no small part to your expert advise and the knowledge, skill and guidance of the TeamKilimanjaro guides, cooks and porters led by Leo.   We all  six summitted to the Uhuru Peak, a feat that would not have been accomplished, I am convinced, had  we used another outfitter.  From the moment we embarked it was clear that we were in good hands.  Leo paid close attention to all of us, judging our conditions and adjusting our travel to best suit our abilities.  Leo and his assistant guides, William and Sam, were attentive and instructional.  It was ever apparent that the focus of the whole team was to get us to the summit as safely and enjoyably as possible.  The food was plentiful and tasty.  We were treated with the utmost kindness by the entire crew.  A few of us, at times, needed extra attention or assistance which was rendered cheerily without delay or complaint.  I believe that our guide, Leo, is allowed to choose much of the crew and he deserves much credit on that account.  He leads with gentle authority and his directions are executed to the letter by his crew giving the impression of a well-oiled, exceedingly competent organization.  We all are indebted to the crew for making our climb such a success.  Thanks to you as well for all the pre-trek advice and planning assistance which allowed us to be properly prepared for the adventure.  The efforts on our behalf made by you and Leo and his crew made this successful climb an experience that we will cherish for our lifetime!

If you would be so kind, please pass this on to TeamKilimanjaro so that the team can be duly recognized as having performed such an outstanding job.  It is certain that we all will recommend yourself and TeamKilimanjaro highly and without reservation to anyone considering climbing Kilimanjaro.Sincerely appreciative,

Rick Lucas

Jay Lucas

Zachariah Lucas

Joshua Lucas

Fred Reiner

Nick Amans


From Jennifer Moss (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 26 June 2013):

Hi Henry & David

I just wanted to reach out and express my gratitude to CMK and TK regarding my recent experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It was an absolutely unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience and every person in my group of seven successfully summited under the care and guidance of John, Frank, Manuel and the best team of porters we could have asked for! If I had to find one negative thing to say, it would be that the zippers on both my tent and the toilet tent were either partially broken or extremely hard to maneuver, but that this is my only complaint  over the course of seven long and hard days speaks for itself.

For me, the standout of the expedition was the food. Every meal included fresh fruits and vegetables, was delicious and calorie-dense, and perfectly catered to the two members of our group with food allergies (myself included). I went back for seconds often and was so impressed by the dishes they came up with. The waiters were extremely gracious and always responded quickly to our requests. And, obviously, I’m grateful that I never felt any unwelcome side effects or illnesses caused by food/water consumed on the mountain, which was a real fear going into this trip.

I nicknamed our group of porters the “Dream Team”. Every person was pleasant, smiling, and helpful. The guides were knowledgeable about everything from the mountain, wildlife and plant life, down to what medications/dosages everyone should take (or avoid) and how to combat effects of altitude and fatigue. We could not have reached Uhuru without the assistance of the guys who went with us to the peak. They boosted morale when our energy lagged, lightened our loads when it was needed, and assisted with every step of those never-ending switchbacks. Several porters who were at Kibo Huts to set up lunch even came part of the way up the scree to congratulate us on our way down. I hope that we were a tolerable group of hikers for all the guys and that they know how much we valued their company and hard work.

It is also worth mentioning that the gear I rented/used (aside from those damned tent zippers) was of high quality and very clean. The sleeping mats were much more comfortable than expected, the sleeping bags were toasty warm, and everything was always in place before we arrived, for which I was exceptionally grateful.

There are many other good aspects of the hike that I have not mentioned, but at the risk of going overboard I hope I have sufficiently expressed my appreciation for all that went into me reaching the roof of Africa. I am very happy that we chose Team Kilimanjaro to help get us there.

Asante sana!

Jennifer Moss

From Andrew Weavis  (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemosho Route,

27 March  2013):

Hi Henry,

Arrived back yesterday after a wonderful holiday,Mt Kili,safari and Zanzibar,so many happy memories.Many thanks for all your help and advice,so pleased I went with Team Kilimanjaro,everyone was so helpful and kind.My fellow Trekkers who are now friends for life,our main guide Athumani who helped me no end to get to the summit,Kelvin also,the wonderful porters,cook,toilet man etc.Once again thank you Henry,it was an amazing experience.Thanks again,

Andrew Weavis


From Anna Rzepecki  (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemosho Route,

25 February  2013):

Hi Henry,

It has been a couple of weeks since I have arrived home from Tanzania and I have had time to browse through my photos and reflect on a wonderful trip. Firstly I would like to thank you for making all of my requests possible. There were lots of bits and pieces to my trip and they all fitted together beautifully ! Kilimanjaro and the safari were a perfect combination.

1 My hotel the Kibo Palace suited me perfectly, and the staff at the reception desk were outstanding !!  They cheerfully sorted out any problems I had eg Precision Air luggage saga.

2 Arusha National Park day excursion was a great place to view Flamingos.

3 Team Kilimanjaro trek was an absolute highlight. I have been trekking several times in the Himalayas and the service that T.K. provided was much more personalized and friendly. The guides were very caring and helpful at all times. They were able to sort out any problems presented. The food that was prepared on the mountain was plentiful, innovative and vey tasty!

4 The Serengeti Safari provided marvelous opportunities for up close and personal game viewing experiences. Thanks for making it possible for me to join Jillian and Haydn on this leg of the trip.

All these and other aspects of my trip including pickups ran very smoothly, no hiccups!

Glowing recommendations all round.

Cheers and Hugs!

Embrace the Day!

Anna Rzepecki


From Jon & Sachiko Pedder  (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route,

20 January  2013):


I can’t believe that already more than 7 weeks have passed since we returned from our trip.

So sorry for the belated message…as I did want to thank you just as soon as we got back.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that the trip was sincerely the most memorable one for us.  Not only because it was to celebrate my 60th on the mountain, but the entire experience was so much more than Jon & I expected.

We had a little flight problem on the way over and we ended up overnighting in both Frankfurt & Addis Ababa, so we were glad that we took your advise to give extra time/day before the trek.  We arrived in the late afternoon the day before our start day.  Tumaini, our head guide, came to our lodge and gave us a very good briefing, so we were very comfortable in packing and getting ready for the morning pick up.  After that, everything was fun, fun, fun!!  I even received a surprise celebratory song & dance from the crew as we hiked into the Third Caves camp on my birthday which I will never, never forget!!!  Two days later, we summited at 5:40a and we had to jump around for 1/2+ hour until sunrise to keep warm so that we can take some gorgeous photos!!  We got some truly beautiful ones!

The crew was absolutely wonderful.  We miss every one of them!!!  Tumaini did a spectacular job at guiding us and making sure we were comfortable at all times.  He was great!!!

And, the two days of Safari afterwards was totally amazing!! It was over the top!!  We were speechless.  Isidor, our guide, was very entertaining and fun.  We enjoyed him very much.

Thank you, Henry, for your expert advise and guidance throughout the planning and the booking of our itinerary.  We are telling all our friends about the trip and who to book it with :)  We have a 45min video of our trek.  We invited our friends and family over for screening :) and Jon is working on putting together another one for the Safaris next.  Just so many photos and video clips to sort out!!  Thought I’d attach a couple of our summit photos for you :)

Thanks, again.

Jon & Sachiko Pedder


From Amy Tizzard  (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemosho Route, 25 Feb 2013):

Having just returned to Canada after my 8 day TK Lemosho trip with Nick Basso, Rama (Juvenal) and Godlove, I just wanted to say that they guys did an incredible job. At no point did they fail in their duties and everything ran perfectly well. Several of the porters exceeded their duties by helping guide us (Abraham) or mend a pair of broken boots (Patrick). Indeed, I have no doubt that Patrick’s sewing skills saved my whole trek after the sole of my boot fell off 10 minutes into the trek on Day 1 (what timing!).

I was so happy with our guides and the experience could not have been better. The food was excellent (Tito) and the waiters were always happy-go-lucky (Pasco and Paul). Godlove was particularly knowledgeable in the flora and fauna along the trek, which I appreciated greatly. All staff were easy to talk to and always had a smile on their face.

I also had the joy of a 2 day safari with Frank Sabore and Solomon (cook) prior to the trek. Frank should have a special t-shirt that reads “Professor”. His knowledge of the flora of the fauna was encyclopedic. I think he went above and beyond his duties to share his Masai culture with me as well. Solomon’s cooking was fantastic.

If there is any other information I can provide, please let me know. The service provided by everyone was exceptional – I hope the guys are somehow rewarded.

Kind regards,

Amy Tizzard


From Paul Stanton  (reached the summit via the Lemosho Route, 14 Feb 2013):

Hello Henry

Just wanted to ping you a quick email to say thank you for all the help and assistance in ensuring that our trek was successful.

Everything went to plan and Simon our guide was superb. We all made it to the top (with a little help of Diamox) , totally exhausted but ecstatic that we had all made it! It is a real sense of achievement and the Lemosho route was absolutely the right choice.

Everything from the food to the porters worked well and I would like to thank you on behalf of the Team for organizing the arrangements.

As an aside together we managed to raise over £20,000 for our Charity CLIC Sargent, so doubly rewarding. (and thank you for your contribution)

Wishing you every success with the 4th edition of your book and a hoping you have a great 2013.




From Yui Pow (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 27 January 2013):

Hello Henry,

I’ve just returned to the UK after a fantastic time in Tanzania and wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for helping organise my Kilimanjaro climb.

It was an incredible experience and I was super happy to reach the summit. Definitely one of the toughest things I’ve ever done (and that includes running a marathon)…but soooo very rewarding!

Your guidebook was incredibly useful and full of great information – I liked how you were really candid and honest about the conditions and what to look out for…and everything you said was pretty much spot-on. Harold (the chief guide) mentioned that he knew and had climbed with you and pointed himself out in a photo in your book!

The scenery was breathtaking – I really appreciated the variety of the Lemosho route. At times I found the climb pretty tough – dealing with the breathlessness that comes with exertion in thin air took a lot of getting used to and at times it seemed almost as much of a mental effort as it was physical. But it was all worth it!

I think it’s taken a couple of days for the enormity of it all to finally sink in. It was actually during the subsequent post-climb Precision Air flights (to Zanzibar and Nairobi), when I was photographing Kili out of the plane window while flying at 18,000 ft that it finally hit me…I had summited THAT mountain. It was a huge accomplishment, and I felt incredibly proud. I was humbled and in awe of the mountain, and have deep respect and admiration for all the people who do their jobs so well on it.

I must also mention was how impressed I was with the Team Kilimanjaro team crew that accompanied us up the mountain. Harold (guide), George (assistant guide), Naum (cook/summit porter), Baraka (summit porter), Justine (senior porter) and ALL the other members of the team were WONDERFUL and I miss them already. Always smiling, and providing excellent support. We felt really well taken care of the whole way. Who would be the best person to submit a recommendation to, would it be David from TK?

Cheers again Henry, I hope this finds you well!

Best regards,



From Elizabeth Southworth (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 4 January 2013):


I wanted to write to you and let you know what a fabulous time we had as well as a few highlights.

As you know, our flight was cancelled and we arrived a day late. Thanks to your recommendation, we had worn our hiking boots and packed all our essentials in a carry on.

Your crew is absolutely fantastic. Everything was timely and organized.

 I’d really like to give a huge thanks to Felix. He was our main guide and he really paid attention to how we were feeling (in terms of altitude sickness etc..). On summit night, he asked how we were feeling all the time. I had complete faith in him and not for a second did I feel he would have done anything that put us in jeopardy.

Also, we were amazed at the variety of food we were given (Thomas is a great cook and omelet every morning? Wow). The porters were also fantastic-our things always arrived on time and were always in the right place. Trustworthy, kind and helpful.

 I’d especially like to thank Innocent (sp?). On the day of the summit, once I reached Gillman’s Point, I felt pretty nauseous-downright lousy (not life threatening). I truly didn’t think I was going to reach Uhuru. I was being very difficult-feeling ill-moaning-poor Innocent. He pushed me and helped me along-he was attentive and empathetic. I NEVER would have made that final stretch without him. I am forever grateful for his patience and kindness. He also helped me down the mountain.

Honestly, there is nothing we would change about how your team supported us. We were absolutely delighted and will definitely recommend you to other people when the opportunity arises.

Thanks again.

Best regards,

Betsy and Dave


From Hayley Lang  (reached the summit via the Machame Route, 29 October 2012):

Hi Henry……I am now back home after my wonderful Kili adventure with your company. I have to tell you what an absolutely fabulous team of guys they were. They were helpful, strong and attentive, not to mention strong and smiley. The quality of the food and the menus was far greater than I’d imagined they would be and Soloman was a great cook. Our guide Tumaini was also amazing. So patient particularly with me when I lost my bottle at the Barranco Wall and Kissing Rock and ended up in tears. Looking back he probably thought I was a right pain in the arse…but he never showed it! He said that he was going to email me all the pictures that he took of us along the way. As of yet i haven’t received anything though and so I wondered if it is possible that you could chase him up for me please?

I look forward to hearing from you further and in the meantime thank you again for such a wonderful experience. If there is somewhere else I need to go to write down my feedback on the trip, then do let me know as I feel good service needs recognition, so people trying to decide in future on what Kili package deal to do will pick yours!!

Kind Regards…..Hayley Lang



From Bruce Lawler  (reached the summit via the Machame Route, 20 October 2012):

I am very remiss in writing to you.

Lisa and I had a wonderful time on our climb and safari.  It was truly the trip of a lifetime.   We are very grateful to you for all of the effort and expertise you put into the planning and preparing us.  

Please pass along our thanks to John at TK.  He helped us out when our bags were delayed and in making the right decision to alter our descent from Kili.  TK delivered a top notch experience.  I still get emails from Freddie.

We did see an excellent wildebeest crossing.  So thank you for working with Simon to get us into the right area.   You were right, the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge was not to be missed.

Three things I must mention:  

We were extremely impressed with the quality and healthfulness of the food on the trek.  We were very concerned about eating the fresh, uncooked, fruits and vegetables we were served.  We decided TK must know what they are doing, so we ate them all.  They were well prepared, delicious and we never got sick.

Having gotten extremely ill on a trek in the Andes I was very concerned about the cleanliness of the latrine facilities.  TK set up a separate facility just for us. They did an excellent job of keeping that part of our journey clean, convenient and private.

The mattress they provided was very thick, comfortable and warm — just as you promised.

No one can believe that we summited Kili, saw a wildebeest crossing and trekked with mountain gorillas all in one trip.  Thank you for being an instrumental part of that.  

Thanks again,

Bruce and Lisa


From Miranda Thomas  (reached the summit via the Lemosho Route, 10 October 2012):

Dear Henry,

  I just wanted to let you know how delighted I have been with my trek to Mt Kilimanjaro (5-11th Oct) and of course to make it to the summit. It was the most wonderful experience and every bit as “good” as I hoped it would be and this was very largely due to the smooth organisation both by yourself and Team Kilimanjaro and of course the fabulous team of guides and porters. I was so impressed with all the team members and have huge admiration for how hard and willingly they all worked.

I would like you to pass on my thanks in particular to Deo Shayo (head guide) and his 2 assistant guides Francis and Ibrahim . They took incredibly good care of myself and the other 3 trekkers and were quietly attentive as to how we were all coping with acclimatising and at all times encouraging and informative, I felt completely confident with their advice and guidance.

 Please also pass on my thanks to Lucas (our cook) who always made nutritious and really tasty meals under what must be very challenging cooking conditions.

And of course many, many thanks must go to the delightful Edwin who was titled our “waiter”-he was thoughtful and worked so hard all day starting with waking us up with a cup of tea each morning, bringing the wash bowls, serving the meals and encouraging us to eat and drink plenty and then carrying his load each day. I understand there is a way of nominating people so that they may be considered as a potential Guide, please can you let me know how I can do this as I feel Edwin could make an excellent Guide.

 I’m very sad my adventure is now over but have some fabulous memories and photos to keep reminding me and I hope soon to start planning my next challenge; I have fallen in love with Tanzania and Mt Meru looks exciting so I may be back in touch sometime!

kind regards


From Scott Hill  (reached the summit via the Lemosho Route, 10 October 2012):


Sorry for the late response and thanking all for getting us up to the top.

Having now fully recovered and caught my breath after the most physically / mentally and exhilerating activity I have ever done I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all in organising our trip and getting us to the top. I know I won’t be able to cover everyone and all involved made the climb perfect.

Henry… thanks for co-ordinating it all so smoothly over the 18 months planning and thanks for firing our enthusiasm over a chinese in London. We did do the safari in the end via Simon and had the day in the Ngorogoro…. and very special it was followedf by BBQ goat in one of the urban areas…. a meal and night to truly remember

On Team Kilimanjaro there are many to thank but the whole Team Kilimanjaro did a fantastic job and to name a few and forgive me for those I did not mention :

Simon Kaaya… Kept us on the right track, motivated us and got us all to the top … 100%

Gideon… Fed us and was always smiling

Richard Emmanuel… Great support for Simon and great insights on the mountain and football

Rama… Rama time was great pole, pole, we called it Rama Time… soory he did not get to the top with us but looking after an ill colleague was more important

Peter.. Great support for Simon, sadly a Man U fan… but hey cannot always be perfect

Matthias… Did his first top… congratulations

Sam… Kept the food going between Gideon and us… always warm

The Porters… Without these guys and their endurance nothing woud have been ready for our daily arrivals… it always was.

Without doubt would recommend all again…. in fact already have.

Keep well and thanks for everything




From Janine van Krieken (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 30 September 2012):

Dear Henry,

yesterday I got back home from Tanzania. I would like to thank you for a wonderful trip with wonderful people. We had a great crew, and the trip to the top was amazing! In our group we have al made it to the top thanks to each other company and the good services of the crew. The food, the accommodation and the private toilet, all was excellent.

Thanks again for a wonderful trip!



From Lynda Freeman (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 13 September 2012):

Hi Henry, I hope you are well.

I am just back from Africa and wanted to pass on my thanks for arranging such an amazing trip up Kilimanjaro. I am pleased to report the whole team successfully reached the summit and we really enjoyed most of the hike (most of!).

I also wanted to pass on my comments for TK. They were amazing, the guides were fabulous, the food great and the porters did an amazing job. I could not fault them, they were excellent. If it was not for the dedication of the guides, I am not sure I would have made it to the top.

Thanks again for everything.

Lynda Freeman


From Stephen Patterson (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 13 September 2012):

Hi Henry,

Victoria and I just returned from Tanzania last Thursday, having successfully reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, and then spent the next four days relaxing in Zanzibar.

We would both like to thank you very much for your help in arranging the trek and our travel connections, everything went according to plan which made our experience one to remember. The guides, porters and cooking team from TK were fantastic and we could not have wished for better support. The chef guide ‘Tumaini’, was very attentive in regards to our comfort, health and in making sure we ate more than we ever realised we could, in order to give us the best chance of success.

Best Wishes,

Stephen & Victoria Patterson.


From Justine Payton (reached the summit via the Lemosho Route, 31 August 2012):

Hi Henry!
I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did to help organize and set up my Mt. Kilimanjaro experience. Both Allie and I made it to the top and had a fantastic time! Our team was great…we were led by Tumaini, with Frank and Isa as assistant guides, and I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat. I have never met such kind and caring people, who were also fun to walk with and extremely competent. I ended up learning a lot of swahili too!
I am now in Rwanda for three months working with an NGO, and cannot imagine a better start to my journey. I still have dreams about being on the mountain…it was really incredible and a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.
Again, thank you for everything! Once I forget about the last climb to the summit, I may even consider doing it again on a different route haha.


From Ingrid Code (reached the summit via the Lemosho Route, 13 August 2012):

Dear Henry

What an incredible experience that was to climb Kilimanjaro!!

I want to thank you for all your help, guidance and advice in the lead up to our climb. I have no doubt that the several million questions I asked you paid off because we were well prepared and we had a very good experience. Thank you!!

Team Kilimanjaro did an excellent job in every regard. Our guide was absolutely superb! This was Tumaini Sandi. He was kind, capable, intelligent, a good leader, funny, quiet and very sweet. He took excellent care of all of us and he took excellent care of his crew! He paid careful attention to our needs on an individual basis and he gave us timely advice as to which gear or clothing we would need as weather conditions on the mountain changed. I can’t say enough good things about him! Our assistant guides were also wonderful and very friendly – William Sianga and Frank Kimambo. They looked out for us, set the pace pole pole when they took the lead, sang songs in Swahili while they walked and kindly reminded us “Kunywa maji!” Our cook, Solomon Ololu, prepared one marvelous meal after another! Great food and copious amounts of it, all of which we were expected to eat! Moto, whose last name I don’t know, was our steward and was perhaps most beloved of all! He woke us with a cheerful, sing-song “Good morninnnnng! How are youuuuuu?” and a cup of hot tea. He brought us each a basin of warm water to wash our hands and face in in the morning. He served us all our meals and cleared our plates as well. He took our water bottles and camel-backs and brought them back filled with treated water safe for us to drink (I didn’t need my SteriPen after all). He brought us more warm water for washing up after the day’s trek. He brought us popcorn and hot water for cocoa, tea, or coffee each afternoon. He was never-endingly cheerful and very sweet!! I hope you have had the pleasure of meeting him on your many travels and treks of the mountain. Our porters were indefatigable and I never ceased to be amazed at all they did and how they did it, carrying those loads balanced on their heads or across their shoulders and rather than complaining (as most Westerners would do under those circumstances), calling out cheerful Jambo’s and Mambo’s to us as we crowded to the side of the trail. In short, they’re all simply amazing!!

Tumaini did a beautiful job of posting updates of our group from the mountain, which I hope you were able to see (if you chose to) as we stumbled hobbit-like through dream-world landscapes. I guess the updates through CMK on fb are not quite up and running yet? I sent a message out to a lot of people before I left with links to your CMK fb page and the TK website and only a few people were able to follow along on the TK site, but none on CMK. Not a complaint, just thought you’d appreciate some feedback.

Continuing on… it was awfully hard to come down off the mountain and say goodbye to all our new friends. The lunch in Moshi was great. Getting our certificates was great. Saying goodbye was simply sad! Stephanie and Natacha were just awesome and we were all so glad they joined our trek. We were especially lucky to have Stephanie with us because she has been living in Tanzania for two years and is pretty-much fluent in Swahili. Plus she has an extensive background with camping and hiking. Natacha, a Harvard law school student, was quick-witted, sharp, and a barrel of laughs. She and Michael really hit it off and have a similar sense of humor – which had the rest of us in stitches at times. But saying goodbye to them was probably a bit easier because there is a sense that we can stay in touch easily if we want to. With many of our other new friends there’s a realization that the goodbye was very likely final and that was difficult.

One final thing before I sign off… on the plane on the way over I met Stephanie Farrell and her friend Katie, both of whom happened to be sitting next to Michael Sheppard (in my group) and it was quite a neat moment to realize they had booked their trek through you at CMK and would be climbing with TK on an 8-day Lemosho Route leaving on Tuesday August 7 – exactly the same as us! Except they would be going around the north side of the mountain to come up by Gillman’s Point. We started together, parted ways on day three, met up again on day seven and finished together on day 8. They are really great people.

If you get a few minutes to spare and are not tired of photos of other people’s treks on the mountain, please take a look at my album I’ve posted on facebook. There are two so far – my Kilimanjaro Favorites, just 20 photos I really liked, and the other is a longer ‘story-line’ album, which I condensed quite a bit. You might have to add me as a friend – Ingrid Code – so I’ll leave that up to you and I understand if you simply don’t have the time or the inclination.

I’m quite jealous of the fact you’ll be going back in October! Enjoy!

Safe Travels!



From Melissa Dabb (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 31 August 2012):


Thank you for all of your help with our trip.

Everything was exactly as you described it: the process, hotel, orphanage, tour company, mountain etc.

We hiked with a couple from Canada and a woman from Ireland. Very nice people. Our guide, Simon, was terrific.

The team made it from school hut to the summit in 6 hours. Just in time to watch the full moon go down and the sun come up!

It was amazing!

Best wishes,



From Arlene Keenan (reached the summit via the Machame Route, 3 July 2012):


Apologies for a very belated note but Simon and I would like to say a huge thank you for organizing the Kilimanjaro trip that we did on June 28th. We spent 6 wonderful nights on the mountain via the Machame trail and were thrilled when we reached the summit on the morning of July 2nd.

A huge thank you to Athumani, Alex and William who were superb guides, I’m sure we would not have made it to the summit without them.

So again a massive thank you and I look forward to coming back one day to ascent via a different route.



From Shirin Khan (reached the summit via our Unique Rongai Route, 3 August 2012):

Dear Henry,
From Mountain to the Sea! Yes, I just reached Zanzibar and the Sea breeze, after the Mountain feels wonderful. Pongwe Hotel is just lovely…so quite and peaceful, this is how I wanted to finish my adventure in Tanzania. You must know by now, that I managed to summit with my own breath and to add to my Glory I was the first to reach the summit amongst the group. The four Americans had a little problem with altitude despite taking the Magic Potions! I refused to take it, although the guide Nick advised me in every stages of the climb. I felt absolutely fine in each stages of the climb, only problem was sleep, which I put down to anxiousness to reach the summit. Upon reaching the top, I felt like a feather…floating in thin air, I stayed up for a long time and enjoyed the beauty of this Magnificent Mountain and its surroundings! I loved every moment of the climb, an experience not to be forgotten! Last night, I took the four members of the crew out to celebrate @ a local live band Music venue….all of them enjoyed their drinks,
dinner & dance…I left them @ midnight! Nick and his team are brilliant. I had to change my mind about’ tipping’ by increasing it further for their service. I also left all my medications, water bottles & some other things to reduce the weight of my case! Over all it was a
worthwhile adventure on my part and a big ‘Thank You’ to you and all members of Team Kilimanjaro.
Shirin Khan 

From Bavo Jacobs (reached the summit via the Lemosho Route, 3 August 2012):

Hi Henry,
Just a little mail to thank you in helping to make my dream come true. We made the summit on thursday, it was a hard final push, but that effort made it all just more memorable! Team kili did a great job all the way, simply fantastic!!
Many thanks again,
Now aka “Big”, the name the porters gave me…;-)


From: Andreas Nuland (climbed via our Unique Rongai Route, 5-11 July 2012):

Hi Henry!

I `d like to thank you for a superb arrangement of the Kilimanjaro trek! I did make it to the summit and it was really amazing! The combination of how you organized everything beforehand, and how Team Kilimanjaro organized the trek itself was something I`m 100% happy about.

I have written a recommendation of your Unique Rongai Trek on a Norwegian forum for mountain and wildlife. Hopefully some more Norwegians will join your treks.

Contrary to what you write in your guidebook I did not feel tired at Gilmans Point, instead I was happy about being finished with the uphill, and really wanted to get to the summit. (Gilmans Point seemed to me not to be a summit since it felt quit low compared to what was ahead.) The most annoying thing on my way to Uhuru Peak was the people going the opposite direction and already before Stella Point congratulated me. I did feel in very good condition but saw a lot of people that looked sick and totally exhausted. (I even saw several people with some kind of oxygen-plastic tubes up their noses.)

Sitting at Kibo huts after the summit and looking up, I was really glad that we started from School Huts. The view from Kibo Huts could probably be demoralizing, and I can imagine that it would psychological had been worse to have walked it in daylight. I actually felt that it was more exhausting walking down from the summit then up.

The guides and crew from TK was fantastic! Talking to the crew, everyone explained how much they liked the “TK regime” even though some of them also worked for other companies. I don`t think I will climb Kilimanjaro again, but if I would, I would definitely do it the same way as this time. I`m extremely happy with how it all turned out and will recommend your Unique Rongai Trek to everyone I know!

Thanks again!

Cheers Andreas


From: Andrew O’Brien (climbed via the Lemosho Route, 12-18 June 2012):

Hi Henry,

Mark and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help in organising the trek and for all the help your book gave us during it!

We cannot express enough gratitude to our guide and his assistant, Harold and Frederick, for their support and seemingly boundless energy on the summit climb. Without their support I really don’t think we would have made it to the top! The final push to up the crater rim was far harder than I had imagined it was going to be, but it is a credit to Harold and Frederick’s powers of persuasion and supply of Red Bull that we did it. And the sunrise from the top made all the pain worthwhile! All of the crew were fantastic and we were amazed by the standard and quantity of food prepared by our cook, Ghnom (spelling unknown!). Their knowledge and enthusiasm helped to make the trip successful and unforgettable. Could you pass on our thanks and comments on to the Team Kilimanjaro Office?

Thanks again Henry,


From: Daniel Tan (climbed via the Lemosho Route, 5-11 June 2012):

Dear Henry,

I would like to express my gratitude to / appreciation for the great team that took us up the mountain and down. My special thanks to Fredrick (who is undoubtedly a great great experienced guide and whose passion for his job was immensely infectious) and Emmanuel (our assistant guide whose company and conversations with whom we truly enjoyed). I am sure that John and Sheela share my sentiments.

Personally, I would also like to express my appreciation to our summit porter, Charles, for assisting to haul me up the mountain and down. Kudos also to the team – Santa and another of our porter (whose name I apologetically did not obtain) for getting me down to camp safely.

Please do help me thank Fredrick again personally for showing that faith in me as I ascended (with much difficulty) – I know I am not exactly the smallest person to assist up (and down). It was an experience of a lifetime, and you guys made it possible.

Cheers to ClimbMountKilimanjaro / TeamKilimanjaro,



From: Billy Kromka (reached the summit via the Lemosho Route, 1-7 June 2012):

Hi Henry,

This is Billy, Steve’s son. I just got back to Colorado a few days ago and wanted to let you know how amazing the Kilimanjaro hike was. Teamkilimanjaro was an outstanding trekking company with great guides, cooks, food, resources, and porters. Everyone was extremely friendly and caring- especially Harold and Tobias! I know that you helped a lot in facilitating this whole process and making sure that Neil and I were equipped with a great team so I wanted to let you know how extremely appreciative I am of your support and friendliness. If any of my
friends are ever going to hike Kilimanjaro I will definitely refer them to you guys!

I am attaching a picture of us at the top just so you can see how happy we were
throughout the hike. Thank you again for everything,





From: Pat Fridell (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 10 March 2012):

Hi Henry,

My trip to Tanzania was just amazing! Thank you so much for helping me put it together and for providing such a wonderful crew to go with. Team Kilimanjaro were wonderful. All the guides were so knowledgeable, caring and encouraging! The food was incredible. I don’t know how they made all those meals and they were all so tasty, even when I didn’t feel like eating when we were up at School Hut! I couldn’t have made it to the top without the guides helping me. The Safari trip was just as wonderful and our guide was a great driver and got us to see all the animals we were wishing to see. He was sometimes not the most engaging person, but we got used to that. I am so glad that Eva wanted another person on her Safari. She is such a lovely person and we had a great time (we even shared a tent on the Mt Kili trek).

Thank you again for all patience and help!

Pat Fridell


From: Liz Woodhouse (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 10 March 2012):

Good morning Henry

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I made the summit successfully a few weeks back. The whole trip was so well organised I really can’t fault either TK or any of the guides/porters as they really were extremely professional. The tour of Arusha was great and Kitambi who took me round had excellent knowledge of the history and I saw so many sights which I wouldn’t have seen if I was just wandering around by myself. Sanga who was my safari guide was amazing and I will definitely try and go back to Tanzania for a longer safari with him.

Anyway thank you once again for all your help in getting my adventure booked it really was the trip of a lifetime.

Kind regards


From: Josee Poirier (reached the summit via the Lemosho Route, 8 March 2012):

Dear Henry:

I tried denying it, but alas the truth remains: my trip to Tanzania is over and Kili is now a story to tell, no longer a future or current adventure. Fortunately, it is a wonderful story to tell thanks in no small part to your team. I wanted to take a moment to share my appreciation and comments on my trek.

Firstly, many thanks to you, Henry for all the valuable information, assistance and enthusiasm you shared as I was preparing my trip. All climbers felt well informed and confident we were dealing with the best operator thanks to you. Your name was mentioned often during the trek; you accompanied us all the way to Uhuru Peak.

Our 7-climber group took the Lemosho route on 3 March under the guidance of James Mattu. James and his crew (27 in total!) gave us exemplary service from Day 1. The trek and crew itself were very well organised and effective. They battled a rain-snow storm with us, very clod and windy weather, collapsed and torn tents (and having me sleep in the group tent with them for 3 nights because my tent had been destroyed by the snow!), snow blindness, and whiny, complaining climbers (at times, at least!). Every challenge they were faced with they met with the utmost professionalism, dedication and patience. All climbers felt safe and in the best hands available on the mountain. I will give an additional shout-out to James who clearly took very good care of his crew (physical and morale) throughout the trip. He single-handedly kept everyone safe, happy and ensured the success of our trek despite challenging conditions. The crew’s smiles, generosity and friendliness turned my trek into a uniquely beautiful human experience. It was my privilege to spend those 7 days with such a wonderful, gracious group of people. I miss them as I would good friends.

Lastly, the food was generous in quantity, fresh, varied and simply delicious. I actually wish Erick, our cook, had taught me how to make some of the meals he prepared for us!

I will refer interested parties to and Henry’s book, and recommend TK without hesitation in the future. Please consider this message an expression of my gratitude for your contributions in making my ascent of Kilimanjaro a moving, enriching experience. I hope this message succeeds in delivering additional kudos to James and the entire crew without whom the trek wouldn’t have been nearly as exhilarating. They form an exceptional crew that earned the highest recommendation from me.


Josée Poirier


From: Pat Fridell (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 7 February 2012):

Hi Henry,

My trip to Tanzania was just amazing! Thank you so much for helping me put it together and for providing such a wonderful crew to go with. Team Kilimanjaro were wonderful. All the guides were so knowledgeable, caring and encouraging! The food was incredible. I don’t know how they made all those meals and they were all so tasty, even when I didn’t feel like eating when we were up at School Hut! I couldn’t have made it to the top without the guides helping me. The Safari trip was just as wonderful and our guide was a great driver and got us to see all the animals we were wishing to see. He was sometimes not the most engaging person, but we got used to that. I am so glad that Eva wanted another person on her Safari. She is such a lovely person and we had a great time (we even shared a tent on the Mt Kili trek).

Thank you again for all patience and help!

Pat Fridell


From: Lucy Hebert (reached the summit via the Lemosho Route, 7 February 2012):


I had a wonderful time and it was everything I hoped it would be. I was fortunate I did not get altitude sickness and felt pretty good throughout the trek just tired…

Much gratitude to our assistant guide “George” he was amazing and helped us succeed to the summit.

I would also like to thank the two porters who also went to the summit, they were great and took excellent care of us !!! I’m sorry I do not know their names.

Thanks again Henry for helping me plan a trip of a lifetime and one I will never forget.

Hope you are doing well,


From: Yulia Paterson (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 29 June 2011, email received 29 February 2012):

Hello Henry,

I would like to apologize for a great delay of this letter. Bret and I have been meaning to write you since our climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro in late June 2011. But after our trip to Africa we had to relocate from New York to North Carolina. It took us about 6 months to get settled and find jobs. Now that we are up on our feet we can breathe a little and have the luxury of spare time. Nonetheless, please don’t let any of the above serve as an excuse, it’s a mere explanation.

Let me begin by saying that we had the time of our lives! This was a true testament to our new marriage as well as a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. Our week on Kili was very well planned and organized by your team. They couldn’t have been a better compilation of good kind people. Joshua and Prosper (our guide and assistant guide) did an outstanding job. It was a true feeling of being a part of their family. David (our main porter) is an angel. When that table was brought out the first day of our trek with checkered table cloth on it and freshly cooked 3 course meal – I was looking around to see if the royal couple was arriving on Kilimanjaro. We couldn’t believe it was all for us! Solomon (our cook) was excellent and very funny too. And it was like that every day. From waking us up in the morning with tea/coffee to our taste, to warm “water for wash”, to always tasty meals (the rule was “eat eat eat!”) and off to a great hike each day and many rest stops with snacks. Evenings were usually spent with Bret playing cards with our team and I was reading a book. Everything was always explained to us ahead of time. We were guided through any terrain always wearing proper attire (thanks to our guides). Many stories were told during the long walks and needless to say there were many many laughs! All this formed some of the most priceless memories we have. We will always cherish our experience on Kilimanjaro as one of the most special times!

The challenge of the summit push was something neither of us had ever experienced before. We thought the night climb would never end. Bret was very close to not making it. But Joshua was always very calm, motivating us and telling us we are doing well on time and WILL make it to the summit. We got to the top just before 6am when the sun was starting to rise (we were one of the first teams there). That sunrise on the top of Africa will be our favorite sunrise forever. Tears were rolling down our faces, the joy of that moment was overwhelming.

Thank you very much for all you have done to make this possible for us. We cannot express in words how grateful we are to you and our entire team.

Not to forget our 2 day Safari journey with Godfrey, which we enjoyed tremendously!

Now we have 2 short movies made that I will probably post on YouTube (one on Kili and one on Safari). Our friends and family are reliving our journey by watching them.

If we could be of any further help to you and Team Kilimanjaro please don’t hesitate to let us know. Whether it’s a thank you letter we can share for your next book, or any photos, videos or stories – we would love to contribute!

Until next time Henry,

Best wishes,

Yulia and Bret Paterson


From: Rami Swaminathan (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 7-14 February 2012):

Hi Henry,

As you know we had a successful climb – 5 of us made it to the summit and the sixth had to stop at Gilman’s point as it was getting late.

We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The team was fantastic. the guide Nick and his crew were really understanding, flexible and encouraging. Without them we couldn’t have made it to the summit.

Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to the team.



From: Trevor Cable (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 26 January-1 February 2012):

Hi Henry, we are back from Kili now and thought i should let you know that we all made it to the summit on 31/01/2012 at 7.20am. A great time was had by all which was made even better by the team that took us to the top. The whole crew were amazing, from the porters to the cook and an amazing guide by the name of Joshua Rhuhimbi, and assistant guides Felix and Joseph. They all claimed to know you and have climbed with you as well, the last time was about 2-3 years ago. They all encouraged us when needed and forced us to eat and drink which was not easy for 3 of us who suffered quite a bit with sickness etc. Luckily for me i had no ill effects and was able to eat well the whole time. The weather at the summit was great although very cold with about a 50mph wind which mad it quite uncomfortable but didn’t notice it too much due to the excitement. If you could add the attached picture to your hall of fame i would appreciate it.


 Thanks again for all your help in the past and i would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone thinking of climbing Kili. Thanks again Trev.


From: Lewis Carey (climbed via the Unique Rongai Route, 19-25 January 2012):


Just a note of thanks for organising what turned out to be a really good trip for us all.

Everything went smoothly, all contacts turned up at the right time and place, and hotel and all other bookings were completed without problems.

The L’Oasis was a good place to begin. It has a good “African” atmosphere – palm leaf covered huts, Henry the crested crane wandering the grounds – and Skippy the dog. The road in is not so good , and the local dogs. chickens and imam – with the 5:00 am call to prayer – can be a little noisy, but really this just adds to the character of the place. With a stay in one of Arusha’s larger international style motels, you become so insulated from local conditions you really could just be staying anywhere in the world. We don’t really want the world to become just one large ubiquitous MacDonald’s shop do we ? The bar , pool and restaurant were all good and more than adequate for our short stay The staff there were all good, and always helpful.

Unfortunately for me the top of Kili did prove to be a “bridge too far” .

I had walked OK for the 4 days up the then, no headaches not really any shorter of breathe than any one else, but on the final walk up from the school hut to the top, once we joined the main track at about 5300 metres I was just so struggling to breathe. I wasn’t really cold – just cold around the face – I should have had a sort of face mask type thing – it may have made a difference – and the wind was atrocious – 30 – 40 knots giving a really bad wind chill factor. The cemetery’s of the world are full of 50 to 60 year old blokes who’s ego exceeds their ability, and likewise the history books are full of people who just went just a little too far in search of glory – Captain Scott, Mungo Park , Captain Cook ( 3rd voyage – a bad idea) etc and at that point I decided I didn’t really need to be one of these. If I had kept going I think it would have stuffed up the trip for the other guys as they would have had to do a serious rescue – never easy in these conditions and a real drama for the guides. Nick ( the boss guide) agreed so I went back down to Kibu huts with 2nd guide Felix. Once set up the hut, Felix went back to school hut to get my gear , and while he was away I was coughing so much I did actually black out and collapse to the floor of the hut for just a couple of seconds – so I think the right choice was made – I wouldn’t have wanted to be any worse off than I was , as I though I’m dying anyway alone on the concrete floor of the hut with the wind howling outside !!!! Anyway I didn’t and did manage to survive to the next morning, and beyond. Once Felix got back from school hut – amazingly quickly – I rugged up and stayed there till morning with Felix just keeping an eye on me, then we walked slowly back to the Horombo huts where the other guys returned later in the day.

So apart from not making it that little further to the top- which in the grand scheme of life really will make little difference – dying in trying to do it would make considerably more difference – everything else went well. The other guys all made the top OK – they all said it was about the limit of what they could do – and I am satisfied that I helped them to achieve this. I shared most of the experience – got to walk and camp on Kili and the surrounding areas and enjoyed the trip. The camp at Mawenzi tarn is in just such a spectacular place.

However I don think that after this trip we are now cured of any further need to climb more high and cold mountains. While walking down we sort of all did mention this at different times and all us older ones ( maybe not Adrian who is only 23 ) agreed that this was probably the last time for an adventure such as this. We can cross this one off the “bucket list”.

The Team Kilimanjaro people were all excellent. Cannot say enough about chief guide Nick Basso. He has such a “big” job in managing the crew, looking after us soft tourist, monitoring how everyone is going and just keeping the whole “show” moving along. A really top quality manager , organiser and all round good fellow. The other guides William and Felix also were very good. Felix was always just low key keeping an eye on me and always ready to assist if required. And can these blokes walk !!! – all day, up hill, down hill and without a break or ever breathing heavily.

The little safari trip after the Kili trip also went well. The Ngorongoro Wilderness Lodge is just the most awesome place. A really good choice of motel. After 6 days of camping on Kili, in what can only be described as ” pretty basic conditions” it was really nice to have a little luxury. ( The tables and chair they carry up Kili do provide a little luxury and after a couple of days really are so appreciated) . The setting of this lodge would have to be one of the most spectacular in the world and certainly as good as I have ever experienced. It was really nice to have a few drinks on the verandah, on Australia day, overlooking the crater. And the crater itself the next day is another spectacular place. Most worthwhile. The three parks and different accommodation demonstrated the broad range of the experience and landscapes available within the area and were a good choice for this reason.

Altogether everyone was more than satisfied with the whole trip and we all like to thank you for your assistance in putting together such a suitable and worthwhile package for us.

Regards and best wished for the future.

Lewis Carey


From: Graeme Smith (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 24 January 2012):

Hi Henry, Just got home and catching up with everything. I did the climb with Lewis Carey And I must thank you for everything you did for us. The climb went off without any problems and Team Kilimanjaro were excellent in every aspect of the preparation and back up support even after the climb and the Safari. So thanks Henry and your team and Team Kilimanjaro.

Graeme Smith


From: Mick Roberts (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 29 October 2011):

Hi Henry

At last I’ve got around to contacting you.

What a fantastic experience!! “Enjoyed” every minute – if enjoy is the right word.

Standing on the summit on my 60th was a rather emotional experience to say the least. It brought me to tears!!

The book proved invaluable on a number of occasions. I heeded your advice on wearing as much of the essential clothing and not packing it. True to your advice my luggage did not arrive with me on the same plane. Joshua our guide made arrangements to provide any equipment and clothing that might be needed. However in the morning he did inform me that it had been found but we would have to go the airport to collect it.

Even the need for the fold-up trowel was called upon – not for what you might think – but to dig a trench around the tent to divert the water running through it.

Joshua the head guide obviously knew his stuff (154 times up the mountain!) He was always ther when needed – although never in your face. He, Ibrahim and Julius were brilliant and were on hand when I had a couple of falls (not serious). They were on the descent when I think I was just exhausted!!

I can understand why you have become a Kili nut. I have got the bug – not to do Kili again – but maybe some other challenges. I was so fortunate doing Kili that I did not suffer any effects of altitude sickness which allowed me to enjoy the whole experience.

Once again thank you very much for your help and prompt replies. I have a friend who has stated his interest in doing Kili so I shall certainly be pointing him towards your book and booking through yourselves.

Cheers for now


From: Fiona Riddoch (reached the summit via the Alternative Lemosho Route, 28 October 2011):

Hi Henry

I hope you are well. I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for all your help in our preparations for Kili.
We had an amazing time and made it to the top at 6.15am last Friday, utterly shattered (I took a cold with me – not a good idea it would appear as I couldn’t stop coughing every time we stopped walking. It also stopped me from sleeping properly). Our Scottish friends were the perfect trekking companions – we were all very like-minded in many things, including our determination to get to the top and also our mindless obedience to our guide. We were quite surprised at the end when he thanked us, as it never occurred to us to do anything other than what he told us to do!

I am sure I can think up some feedback for you… The book was excellent – really helpful. If I am wrong, excuse me, but I think you had walking sticks down as ‘desirable’ – but I would say they are essential (and I have never used sticks before, and was last to get them out!)

Overall I wouldn’t fail to recommend TK and your services to other people.

I was wondering if you could let me know the postal address for the TK office in Arusha, as I have written a card I want to send to the guide and assistant guides, which I’d like to send sooner rather than later. They were absolutely fantastic, and I have missed them this week! I have emailed the TK address from the web but not had any response.

Best wishes


From: Anne and John Funnell (reached the summit via the Lemosho Route, 9 October 2011):

Dear Climb Mount Kilimanjaro and Team Kilimanjaro,

We have recently returned to the UK following our wonderful holiday in Tanzania and would like to take this opportunity to express our great satisfaction with the holiday experiences that we encountered on both the safari to Lake Manyara, the Serengeti Plain and the Ngorongoro Crater and our eight day trek on Kilimanjaro culminating in the memorable climb to Uhuru Peak on the 9th of October.

The first experience we had in Tanzania was at the charming, welcoming and friendly Onsea House Inn on the outskirts of Arusha; here we enjoyed a wonderful meal and a peaceful nights sleep before our excursion into the hinterland of Tanzania to enjoy the wonders of the wildlife during our five day safari with our friendly and knowledgeable guide Reginald. Reginald had an innate sixth sense about where wonders of the African animal kingdom could be viewed and experienced, and his enthusiasm certainly enhanced our enjoyment of the sights we were fortunate enough to encounter. We were truly lucky in being spectators to some spectacular events and Reginald’s understanding of our wishes and his relaxed manner to our patient observation as events unfolded greatly enhanced our very special safari. Our desire was to see leopard and cheetah in particular and we were rewarded in spades.

On returning from safari it was a treat and pleasure to enjoy the luxury and comfort of Onsea and once again indulge in the imaginative and delicious offerings from the chef.

Our next adventure unfolded with our introduction to Jacob (guide), James (assistant guide), Nico (cook), Kalisto (waiter), Lucas (waiter), Emanuel (porter), Mkare (tent crew), Emanuel (porter), Josephat (porter), Masai (dish washer), Lukas (porter) and Silvanus (toilet crew), who constituted our support team for our next challenge, the assault on Kilimanjaro (rather ‘Kili’s’ assault on us!).

We cannot commend enough the professional, cheery and attentive team who made our ambition to climb ‘Kili’ not only possible but memorable for the great atmosphere generated and sense of being a part of a team effort whose goal was to ‘get us to the top’ safely &successfully but also enjoy the whole experience moment to moment. Nico’s cooking was a revelation; we were constantly amazed at what he could produce from his cook tent, it was not only tasty & varied but nutritionally just what was needed to give us the best chance to succeed with the extreme physical exertions that our systems were subjected to. Weight loss was expected, weight gain was achieved!

The team was led by Jacob who impressed us with his experience, confidence and competence. He imbued us with the sense that we could achieve our goal under his careful guidance. On the final night he really came into his own with his amazing focus and attentive support when mental resolve was flagging and physical strength was waning. It was a truly emotional moment when Stella Point was reached with much encouragement and support from Jacob. We greatly value Jacobs contribution to us succeeding in safely getting to Uhuru and down again.

Jacob and we were ably assisted by James who was quietly calm and attentive to our needs and condition and had a wonderful knack of setting a perfect pace on some of the most difficult sections of the ascent. We believe James will have a great future as a guide once he has completed his training and is a great asset to the team. He was very sensitive to our needs as clients and climbers and always anticipated accurately what interventions he considered appropriate to ease our progress, minimise our distress and ensure our success. We wish him the success he deserves.

It was a delight to share our experiences and success with such a terrific group of people; they not only made the whole experience possible but also made us feel we were amongst friends. Had we not got to the summit we would still have been enriched by the challenge and the camaraderie.

We hope Team Kilimanjaro value & acknowledge Jacob and his selected team, (as we do), for true and valuable ambassadors of the company that they are.

Our final visit to Onsea House was like going home and the wonderful attentive service and the shower were the best treat’s imaginable after our exertions.

Very best regards from two very happy summiteers’,

Anne & John Funnell.


From: Sue Whittick (climbed  via Alternative Lemosho Route, 7-14 September 2011)


I trekked with your team from the 7th to the 14th September up the Lemosho route, I was in one of the Ali Swales groups led by Tom our guide. I wanted to contact you to let you know what a great experience it was & how the team who took us were amazing. Tom was the guide leading our team with George and Gabriel as assistant guides, all of whom made it so interesting & memorable as well as a great time. The whole team were amazing, working so hard & with so much enthusiasm & energy from the time they met us right to the end of the trek, always with a great attitude & so much care. The food was amazing – how Sukuru, (may not be spelt right) & his team were able to consistently prepare & come up with such great food whilst climbing up Kilimanjaro we couldn’t imagine. The guys who brought us a hot drink early each morning always had a smile & had such a great attitude however early it was & were the same late in the day, however hard the climb or how late it was. Tom took great care of us, checking we were all ok, letting us know daily what the next day had in store & how to prepare for it & alongside George & Gabriel pointing out things of interest & answering our questions. George was often our pace-setter & Gabriel was full of information, they were a great team & we couldn’t have asked for more, we greatly appreciated our team & the experience they gave us. We did try to let them know but also wanted you to know how they made our experience of climbing Kilimanjaro so great & memorable.

Many thanks,

Sue Whittick


From: Dorina Abramovici (climbed  via Machame Route, 8-14 September 2011)

Hi Henry,

I would like to thank you for helping my husband and I achieve our goal: to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. When I started I was unsure if I would reach the top; in the last days prior to our departure I was really scared and even did my will. (Seriously!)

I had no idea how lucky I was to have the people from Team Kilimanjaro helping us. While on the mountain I was able to compare the different trekking companies and their methods as well as their people and the way they were organized; definitely part of our success was due to TK.

Specially, our guide Guido, was paying attention of our capabilities, our worries and fears. He then decided to have a day summit instead of night summit; that proved to be the best for us.

There are a lot of things to say and I don’t want to take your time. I just want to let you know that we are very happy customers and if any of my friends or co-workers would like to do the same trip we did, I would definitely recommend you. We also had the privilege to meet David in our way back to the Airport.

All the best

Dorina Abramovici


From: Stephen Smith (climbed  via Unique Rongai Route, 6-12 September 2011)


Dear Henry,


I just wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoyed our entire time in Tanzania, especially the trek up Kili!  The summit assault, in particular, will forever be one of the hardest, and one of the most incredible, experiences of my entire life. The sense of fear and uncertainty as you endure what seems like a never-ending climb up to Gilman’s Point (don’t look up), followed by the huge wave of relief and sense of accomplishment when you know for certain that you’ll reach the summit is impossible to accurately describe. The fact that we made it to the summit, and in great condition, is a true testament to the hard work and professionalism of the TK team that traveled with us. Our guide, Deo, our assistant guide, Godlove, and all of the rest of our crew were amazing, from setting up camp long before we arrived, to cooking incredible meals in the middle of nowhere (grilled cheese and cream of mushroom soup for lunch at Second Caves is particularly memorable), to giving impromptu Swahili lessons during dinner or a pumziko la maji.  I have never seen soldiers work harder, and always with a smile. Overall, it was the greatest adventure I have ever experienced and the fulfillment of a 20-year-old dream to climb what we absolutely consider to be God’s Greatest Mountain!  


A few quick observations based on our experience, for what they’re worth:


– Route – Could not recommend the Unique Rongai trek more highly.  Looking back, it’s incredible how many aspects of Kili we were able to observe on this route.  The views around Mawenzi and on the Saddle are also stunning.  Moreover, the acclimatization advantage of going to Mawenzi Tarn and then spending the night at Third Caves cannot be overstated, especially for those of us with no high altitude experience.

– Diamox – we took 125mg twice a day from Rongai gate to Third Caves, then 250mg twice daily through the summit assault. Our experience was that it definitely aided our acclimatization, along with our choice of route, with the only side effect being a mild tingling in the hands or feet. However, it is not a miracle drug and won’t completely prevent altitude-related headaches or nausea if one is prone to them.  In short, Diamox is no substitute for proper acclimatization, but, if there are no real adverse side effects, there’s nothing wrong with stacking the deck.

– Gear – TK rental equipment was of high quality and in great condition.  We ended up renting gaiters, which helped quite a lot to prevent our pants from getting too dirty and to keep scree out of our boots.  Sleeping bags, poles and head torches worked very well.  Also, although you do stress it in the book a few times, please reinforce the need to bring a balaclava on summit night.  I foolishly left mine at the hotel thinking a fleece watch cap was enough.  It wasn’t.

– Tipping – one of the first topics we discussed with our guide during our initial meeting, which helped very much in determining how we would approach it.  Recommend trekkers have this conversation with their guide early to ensure there is no confusion at the end, when everyone is tired and ready to go home.

– Lodging – Onsea was like a dream, especially after the long, crowded flight from Amsterdam.  Dirk and his family, Axel, Andrew and the entire staff were extremely nice, welcoming and helpful, the room was very comfortable and spacious with a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside, and the food was fantastic!  Also, the new guest cottages look amazing! I wouldn’t stay anywhere else and I intend to recommend Onsea to anyone going to climb Kili or just on safari.  


Regarding the safari, everything went smoothly as well.  Reginald, our driver-guide, was very friendly and had great knowledge of the terrain and of the local flora and fauna. The balloon safari was also an excellent idea and enabled us to see parts of the Serengeti that we wouldn’t have (and take incredible photos as well). My only caution is the selection of lodging. The Serengeti Sopa Lodge and the Seronera Wildlife Lodge are light-years apart quality-wise. I would warn people that Seronera is very crowded, VERY noisy and the service is sub-par. Its only saving grace is its location, dead center of the park. Would recommend people check out the reviews on Trip Advisor to determine where they want to stay, or at least steel themselves for where they must stay. Otherwise, the safari portion of our journey was a terrific experience!


Finally, thanks so much for all of your help in organizing such a wonderful trip!  From our first e-mail asking about dates, your timely, helpful responses and all of your work behind the scenes to coordinate lodging, gear, safaris, balloon safaris, and all of our other requests were critical in preparing us for the trip and we are very grateful for your kind assistance.  The services that TK provided were superb as well.  From pick-up at the airport to drop-off two weeks later, TK ran a very efficient, well-organized operation and follow a very practical philosophy in their approach to planning treks and taking care of their staff. David from TK, whom we met at Onsea before and after our safari, was also very helpful and ensured all went smoothly during execution.  I also must say that your book should be required reading before anyone attempts the trek. It was spot-on in every detail, making the trek very predictable. Just knowing when the weather would be clear (mornings clear, afternoons cloudy, evenings clear, like clockwork) or that reaching the rocky portion of the “Kibo Huts” route to Gilman’s Point meant we were close, or that a headache at Mawenzi Tarn was normal and nothing to worry about alleviated much anxiety and gave us great confidence that we (sort of) knew what to expect and were prepared for it.  In short, thank you very much for organizing a dream-come-true vacation and making our first time in Tanzania a wonderful experience that we can’t wait to repeat (maybe on Lemosho next time)!


Warmest regards,


Stephen Smith  


From: Ted O’Brien (climbed  via Unique Rongai Route, 28 August-3 September 2011)


Hi Henry,

Just wanted to circle back and thank you for all of your help in organizing the trip. Nic, Tim and I had a great time, and Helen and Melanie were great company to climb with.

Everything went fairly seamlessly. Out guides and porters were all cordial. Assistant Guide Maxim (spelling?) was overwhelmingly our favorite – helpful, conversational, knowledgeable, and very pleasant to climb with. Our group spent a good deal of time hiking under his lead, and I wanted to let you know that we all thought highly of him. We also took note that Andrea (?) the waiter worked exceptionally hard on our trip. The food from Boniface was delicious.

Frederick was a good guide, and his experience was evident, however the language barrier prevented us from really communicating with him at times. His energy on the mountain was great.

Our safari guide Martin was good, but somewhat reserved.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

Anyway, thanks for everything!




From: Fiona FIelding (reached the summit via the Unique Rongai Route, 13 August 2011):

Hi Henry

Just tidying up emails having returned from Africa and came across our emails from earlier this year.

I had a wonderful time climbing Kili – a challenge but an amazing one. The Tanzanian team, lead by Deodatus Naali, was incredible. Who supports you up the mountain is what matters really – not which company you go with. Deodatus was just fabulous knowing how we all felt before we actually felt it!!! He was ever vigilant regarding everything – us climbers, the porters, the water, the campsite (current and tomorrows), the equipment, the weather, communicating with the office, giving us our messages, the food, the cooks, the other groups on the mountain, the toilet, tents….. I was surprised at just how circumspect he was especially with a group of 8 climbers and 29 guides/cooks/porters. I was impressed at the consideration he gave to all on the trail – no just those he was directly responsible for but for everyone, from junior porters in other teams (I observed him helping a junior porter get up a steep rock face – he helped the young man but also offered him advice and a word of encouragement as the young man smiled a grateful smile rather than looking embarrassed at having to be helped) to other mzungu climbers. We were all grateful for Deodatus’ leadership and care.

And Vincent the cook was wonderful too. I know being gluten free and vegetarian meant extra work but Vincent always gave me delicious food. It was my 50th birthday up there and Vincent, who didn’t know this before hand, managed to make me a gluten free cake with decorations. I cried – making a GF cake in a conventional kitchen with all ingredients and a recipe available can be somewhat challenging (GF cakes do NOT rise easily) but to make a GF cake up Kili – no shops, no oven, only camping ingredients, no recipe and having never made one before..….. an extraordinary effort and top score for ingenuity. I was deeply touched by the effort Vincent put in and the effort Deodatus went to to teach the porters “Happy Birthday” in English. The scene of over 20 Tanzanian men walking towards me singing Happy Birthday in their beautiful rich voices on the slopes of Kilimanjaro with Vincent and Deodatus at the front, Vincent with THE birthday cake and a chef’s hat, is permanently etched into my “special moments of my life” memories. You are fortunate to have these capable and lovely men to support your business – they obviously greatly contribute to the success of your business.

Wishing you all the best Henry for the festive season and into 2012 – the year of great mystery!!

Warm regards


From: Gwin Bompas (climbed  via Unique Rongai Route, 26 July – 1 August 2011)



On behalf of our group, i just wanted to sincerely thank you, not only for the all the arrangements and for all the advice you gave us in preparation for our recent ascent of Kili, but also to thank you for your recommendation of Team Kilimanjaro- they were superb on the
Mountain and really professional.

Of the 11 of us 9 made the summit, with the dreaded AMS hitting my son
from about 3000m and we decided at 4200m for him to descend, and my wife
just getting to Gilmans Point- a truly memorable experience

Thanks again, and i will certainly have you and TK as highly recommended to others that may follow.

Best regards

Gwin Bompas


From: Sean Flynn (climbed  via Unique Rongai Route, 10-16 July 2011)

Hi Henry

I have arrived back to depressing Dublin after a truly amazing trip. I would like to thank you and the team at T.K who were outstanding and made out trip so memorable. We got to climb inside the crater, touch the ice and see the ash pit and while it was tough at the time I am so glad and privileged to have be able to achieve that. The service we received on the mountain was first class and Simon , Max , Sandy and all the gang we truly amazing in every aspect of the climb. It was clear to see after a few hours’ climbing that we had made the right choice and our entire teams summit success was in no small part down to the professional service provided each day with a cheerful smile. If you want to use this mail for a testimonial or would like a separate one I would be glade to facilitate.

Thanks again for your first class service I will be recommending you to anyone I hear wanting to climb. What next that’s now the question????

Kind Regards

Sean Flynn

From: Carol and Bob Niegisch, Megan Niegisch, Jenny Wasserman, Dylan Lucas (climbed  via our Machame Route, 17-23 June 2011)

We just got home from a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro with Team Kilimanjaro organized through Henry Stedman. The trip exceeded our expectations! Everything went smoothly from start to finish. We thoroughly enjoyed our entire group of guides and porters. Everyone was so friendly, knowledgeable, and positive. It seemed that every detail was attended to and we had nothing to worry about – just enjoying the trip and the views. (I have to add, the portable toilets were a very pleasant surprise, and helped a lot!). The tents and sleeping pads were also excellent and very comfortable for sleeping.

We knew we were in good hands from the start with our chief guide Leo. He demonstrated experience and confidence and we knew he was watching us closely throughout the trip for any signs of trouble with the terrain or altitude. He accommodated a special request from Bob and Dylan to take them to the crater on summit day after we all reached the top together. We could also see he had good rapport with the other assistant guides and porters and everyone worked well together. Our assistant guides, Guido and Rama were also fantastic – confident, knowledgeable , and friendly. Guido climbed up Lava Tower with Bob and Dylan which was a great experience for them! We felt comfortable at all times with our guides – they made it easy for us to enjoy the experience fully.

The food was excellent – well prepared and presented thanks to our wonderful cook Chocura (?spelling). He went above and beyond by making me (Carol) a cake for my birthday, and everyone celebrated with me at lunch on June 20! Our meal servers Christofer and Yuma were great – positive, fun, and friendly and always willing to teach us some Swahili! We felt totally spoiled waking up to hot tea in the morning served in our tents, and by having a table, chairs and a tablecloth everyday for lunch on the trail! We were totally in awe of all the porters who carried all the equipment and supplies with such ease over the rough terrain and always had everything set up for us when we arrived at camp in the afternoon.

Summit day was amazing. We all felt well acclimatized and excited. Some of us felt the accent was more difficult than others but we all made it in good condition thanks again to our great team of guides (Leo, Guido,Rama,Christofer, and Sagali) who provided us with support (carrying backpacks, walking slowly with us from Stella point to Uhuru, and helping us down), and constant encouragement. A special thanks to Leo for helping Megan as she experienced some nausea and vomiting on the way up, but persevered and got through it and made it to the top feeling good! Also special thanks to Christofer and Guido who were so patient with me (Carol) coming down slowly.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say this trip was one of the most physically challenging things most of us have ever done, and we worked hard to get ready. It was one of the most AMAZING experiences of our lives also! We credit our team of guides, porters, and Team Kilimanjaro’s well planned climbing program for giving us the optimum experience (we all felt good throughout the trip and thus could enjoy the total experience) and for getting us all to the top and back safely and comfortably.

If possible please communicate our sincere thanks again to our climbing team.


Carol and Bob Niegisch

Megan Niegisch

Jenny Wasserman

Dylan Lucas


From: Martyn Roberts (climbed via our Unique Rongai Route, 10-16 June 2011)

Hi Henry

Thank you so much for the wonderful organisation of our trek up Kilimanjaro. All five of our group made it to Uhuru Peak at 7am Tanzanian time last Wednesday (15 June) which was a brilliant achievement. Everything went really smoothly from start to finish.

Our crew of 20 was excellent though I must give special mention to our guides Jacob, Max and Joseph as well as the cook Vincent. Nothing was too much trouble for them and it is fair to say that without the efforts they put in some of us may not have made it to the top or safely down for that matter ! I should be grateful if you could pass on to Team Kilimanjaro my thanks for the superb organisation generally and the fantastic job done by Jacob and his colleagues.

Oddly enough at Uhuru Peak I met Chris Kamara (ex-Leeds United player and Sky Sports pundit) who was leading a group trekking on behalf of Marie Curie. He lives only a mile and a half from me but I’ve never bumped in to him until now !

Finally, I attach a photo of our group at the top and would be grateful if you could put in the Hall of Fame on your website. Thanks again.

Best wishes,


From: Alan Boylan (climbed via our Unique Rongai Route, 10-16 June 2011)

Having just returned from a successful trip to Kili, I thought you might like some feedback on our experiences with TK. We were a party of 5, all booked via Henry Stedman doing the 7 day Rongai route, finishing on 16th June.

Our experience with TK was first class from the moment we met Jacob Slaa, our guide the night before our trek started. The 4 main members of your team, Jacob, and the assistant guides Joseph Gulash and Max, plus Vincent Akonaw, were friendly, informative and provided good service throughout the trek. Although neither Joseph nor Max speak English as well as Jacob, they were both keen to talk with us and explain about the things we were passing.

In addition they showed the spirit of the mountain, when some of our party were having problems. Max took over the pack of my friend who was having problems on the descent and Joseph gave up his gloves to another member of our party, who was not properly eqipped for the summit attempt. Jacob ensured that the only lady on our party made it to the summit, with a combination of verbal encouragement and practical help.

The other crew members were always smiling and the camps were always ready for our arrival. The equipment you use especially the tents and mattresses were very good. The food was excellent given the limited facilities that Vincent had to work with.

All in all, we had a wonderful experience, we all summitted and we would have no hesitation recommending you, based on our experiences here.

Kind Regards



From: Jane Dreaper (climbed via our Unique Rongai Route, 13-19 February 2011)

Hi Henry

Re feedback, I felt Climb Mount Kilimanjaro/Team Kilimanjaro provided an
excellent service – high quality but also really friendly – and all
members of the team did everything possible to help us achieve our goal.
It was an amazing experience and I’d definitely recommend your company
to others. And I think your book is a fantastic read!

A couple of small thoughts:
– I’d regard waterproof trousers as essential not optional. Stupidly
didn’t take mine and ended up hiring them from Simon.
– Re Diamox, I took it from the first day of the trek as I’d felt run
down in the UK and my GP said I had a virus. He’d prescribed me Diamox
in 500mg doses, but Simon said it was best to take 250mg. The tablets
are difficult to split esp in a camp scenario, so I think it’s a good
idea for people to ask their doctor to prescribe the smaller dose (and
then you can double up when the going gets tough!) I had the tingly
fingers side-effect but otherwise felt fantastic!
– The mobile toilet was a surprise to us (we had no idea it would be
there) but also a godsend. I guess I’d have found a way of coping with
the camp toilets but I honestly don’t know how!

The food was everything you’d promised and it was fantastic to receive
such good fresh meals. FYI I tipped $300 and I think I wasn’t the only
one that left that amount. I know one has to be careful not to push up
the general standard too high, but I really was happy to give that for
the service received.

Oh and one more thing, a friend is doing the trip to Everest Base Camp
later this year and she wanted your advice on Thermarests. The ones you
provide on trek are excellent and not like anything on sale in the
outdoor stores. Any tips please?

Best wishes, Jane


From: Andrew Mitchinson (climbed via our Unique Rongai Route, 21-27 February 2011)

Hi Henry

Wanted to feedback on the truly amazing experience that was our climb up Kili.

Nick and I both made to Uhuru Peak – albeit a little worse for wear.

Cannot complement TK enough for their planning and organisation – abolutely first class all round.

Now for some specifics;

  • Our guide Tumiani was simply the most dedicated, focused supportive individual we could ever had hoped for. Absolutly knew his way around Kili but it was the little things that made the difference. ie kept asking how we felt, what our eating was like whether we were sleeping etc all with a view to understanding out physical and mental state.
  • Our assistant guide Isha was equally excellent (bailed me out on the summit) happy to strap my day sack on his when on summit night to ‘make me feel more comfortable’ – what a great guy. Again very supportive and thoughtful about our condition. Prepared to check our gloves were doing there job (keeping the circulation going) fed us ginger tea and biscuits at Gilmans point etc.
  • Our waiter / porters who looked after us and meal times and first thing in the morning – always with an upbeat and happy disposition. Silly but really important when you are being challenged as this trip does.
  • Our cook who god knows how came up with meal after meal that really defied our location – tasty, nutritious, varied and freshly made. even baking a congratulatory cake following our success.
  • Please somehow pass on our massive thanks particularly to those four but to all our crew who made this trip the most memorable experience of our lives.
  • Our safari was an equally impressive experience – thoroughly enjoyed. Martin our safari guide was a nice guy but perhaps a little quiet, needs to talk more and be proactive with his guidance rather than to wait for a question before talking – not sure English was that good.And to you Henry – A big thank you for all the organising this side of the channel, much appreciated – so pleased we used you guys for this experience.

Kind regards

Andrew Mitchinson
Nick Hopkins


From: Amelia Joyner (climbed via our Unique Rongai Route, 12-18 February 2011)

Hi Henry

I thought it would be nice to send an email to let you know how much we all loved our trip to Tanzania and to the mountain. I have some amazing pictures and videos.

It was an amazing experience and I loved every second of it, it was as I hoped it would be and to reach the summit in clear blue skies with the whole team was an incredible moment.

We had a team debrief over the most delicious cheeseburger in the world!! and Joshua said that it was really important that we feedback any comments/praise/ideas to you and also very importantly that we feedback our views on the team as well to you and then to Team Kilimanjaro as this is all really vital for their progression and development.

The trip was brilliant, your organisation, replies to my endless emails and the logisitics were perfect.

We were met at the airport and were transported happily off to the Outpost which was great, just right for the start of the trek, nice and informal and welcoming – they chap there made us some sandwiches even though it was really late and we were very appreciative.

Johsua’s briefing was great, we liked him immediately and he was very thorough when looking at our kit and telling us about the tips etc. that made me feel much less nervous!

The transport to the gate for registration was good, everything worked really well apart from the bus breaking down which was a hilarious moment – I have a great photo of everyone pushing the bus, the poor guys started to push it with us all on board – I think they were too shy to ask us to get off but we leapt off and lent a hand, well actually I took a photo but the others helped!

Very exciting to start the trekking at the Rongai Gate, lovely hot day to start.

I thought that overall our camps really were the smartest and the best at each campsite, our team worked really hard to make sure we were all happy and comfy and even in some terrible weather they were working at night to ensure our tents were safe and pegged down well. They were very very helpful indeed and always responded to any questions or pleas for help/hot water/popcorn etc!

We loved Julius and Ibrahim, we were very surprised that Ibrahim was only a waiter as he led some of our trekking – I would like to say that he would make an excellent assistant guide, his communication skills are great, he is really kind and thoughtful and delivers information well and always went out of his way to fix anything for us. Julius was also a really lovely chap – not so good communication wise but again he was really kind and thoughtful and really funny too.

As you know Joshua had to leave us for a few days and there was a bit of an unsettled feeling within the group – I think that we were a little unsure of what was happening but we got on with it and tried not to worry. I think it is difficult in such an unusual situation away from home, I think the nerves you have naturally about what you are undertaking might make you feel a little less able to deal with change in that situation and having felt very confident in Joshua and felt that he was a strong guide and great for our team – I did feel anxious at his departure. BUT this is not a criticism in any way as it was a situation that was unavoidable – when Jackson arrived the next day we all felt much safer again as he gave off the aura of being firmly in charge!! He was strict with us but so kind and so sweet – he would stop you to make sure your hands were warm or to make sure your hood was on properly, he knew all our names very quickly and although he was much more serious I quite liked that, no-one ever said no to more soup when Jackson was in the mess tent!!!

We were all very upset that Jackson had suffered snow blindness from summit night and so upset that we hadn’t noticed even that he didn’t have glasses on, I just feel terrible about that – we were all so self absorbed in getting down. I hope he has recovered?

Foodwise – I ate A LOT! but I realised very quickly that was what was needed, anyone who didn’t (the American girls were much more reticent to eat than us) felt must more tired and tearful through lack of energy I think. The porridge was great, eggs were fine, hot lunches were lovely, having different soup every day and evening was great – always lovely although the peanut one was probably my least favourite. Evening meals – the only thing I would say is that we have the orange vegetable stew for 4 or 5 evenings in a row under a slightly different name, it was tasty and filling and did the job but we had it just one too many times – that would be my only comment to TK for their cook – we had Solomon who was brilliant, he loved coming into the mess tent and making us guess what was for pudding etc.

We really did have such fun on the trip and we laughed all the time, a good group and a great time.

Kit hire – all good, Onsea – AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

I was quite broken when I got home!! I underestimated how hard coming down would be I think and I was exhausted, much better now, very proud and I would recommend you very highly. We met loads of people on the plane with stories from their week and we were always better prepared and out of camp first each day and really well looked after. Other teams on the mountain really did not look as strong as us and had stories of tents blowing down and getting to camps really late etc.

I will email TK direct as well,

Thanks again

Mil X

From: James Shorthouse (climbed with ten friends via Alternative Lemosho Route, 30 January – 6 February 2011)

All seems slightly unreal now that we are back in the UK and getting down to the (sadly necessary) day jobs!

Henry, just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trek and the trip to Tanzania. Many thanks for all your efforts in organising a truly memorable trip, and I attach the image of us at Uhuru Peak to confirm 11 out of 11 did indeed summit. The 8 day Alternative Lemosho route meant we had the mountain to ourselves for large periods of time, away from the crowds and with spectacular views into Kenya and of Mawenzi. The crew were great and made everything so much more possible – it is difficult to single out individual porters (although we are all humbled by the speeds they can carry loads up the mountain whilst we move “Pole-Pole”) but the ever cheerful Jackson typified the positive attitude of the crew. The assistant guides were really helpful setting a steady pace and leading us on valuable acclimatization walks, and our main guide Deo was a confident and reassuring face who took full control of the trek when Simon had to return home due to his family bereavement.

We were lucky that all our luggage arrived with us, and all flights were on time (thanks KLM) so the trip was hassle free, and we have all brought great memories back with us, along with hundreds of photos and a not altogether healthy taste for Kilimanjaro beer and fried battered bread (an inspired high energy food served up one memorable evening).

Not sure if you want “suggestions” from us but if so then maybe some form of light for the Mess tent (instead of the candles) would be good.

Once again many thanks for organising what was a memorable trip for all of us, and which has also helped us raise several thousand pounds for a number of charities.

Best wishes

James Shorthouse



From: Neil Smith (climbed with a friend via our Unique Rongai Route, 31 January – 6 December 2011)

Hi Henry,

We made it!

We had a great time climbing Kili, our guides were great (Patrick and Thomas), food was amazing( I can’t make food that good at home with a full kitchen), we were well kept other than Jess with a bit of altitude sickness at Mawenzi Tarn, and it was great with just the 2 of us.




From: Tara Osborne (climbed with seven friends via Lemosho Route, 7-13 January 2011)

Good Afternoon Henry,

I just wanted to send a quick thank you message to everyone at CMK. We had a wonderful and successful Kilimanjaro climb last week, which I can attribute almost entirely to the crew that took us up. The guides, porters, cook, etc were all fantastic. No matter what time of day or night they always had a ‘Jambo’ and a smile for you. I was very pleasantly surprised by how incredibly attentive everyone was; not just because this meant a great level of customer service, but also because the crew were acutely aware if anyone had not had their third bowl of soup and would be concerned. The support, encouragement and humour that each member of the crew showed was a true testament to the company and the them as individuals. I don’t think we could have picked a better team of guys to go with. To get fresh omelettes on the last morning was astounding, I can’t believe that someone had been able to carry the eggs safely for the previous 6 days, and probably on their head! The soups and fresh fruit were a real bonus and truly appreciated by all the walkers. Thomas and Christopher (the waiters/trainee guides) will make great guides when their day comes, I don’t think some of us would have made the summit without them. James, Abel, Frank and Raymond were astounding; their experience and professionalism shone through throughout.

Not only did we all reach the top and have a great time, but we have also been able to raise more than £2000 for Help for Heroes and a similar amount for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Thank you for everything Henry

Kind regards,

Tara Osborne


From: Gisele Irola (climbed via Unique Rongai Route 14-20 January 2011)

Awesome. Thanks!!

Team Kilimanjaro kicked ass. Was a week of a lifetime. :)

The whole group made it up – some took 6-7 hours, others took 20. But all around, a huge success. Felix and Alex were absolutely wonderful. And apparently you are a crazy and fun guy. :)


[Henry would like to make it clear that he considers himself neither crazy nor, indeed, fun.]

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