Other transport in Tanzania

Car hire in Tanzania

It is possible to hire a car in Tanzania; we give details in the book of some of the more reliable companies in Dar es Salaam; you can also hire cars from many of the bigger tour and trekking agencies in Moshi and Arusha.

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Make sure you choose a vehicle that is suitable for your requirements. Don’t, for example, be tempted to conduct your own off-road safari in a two-wheel drive. You can, of course, hitch around the country, though payment will often be expected from a Western tourist; it is, of course, wiser not to hitch alone.

Flying in Tanzania

Flying is a great way to cover the vast distances of Tanzania, and there are a number of small chartered and scheduled airlines serving visitors, including Coastal Air and Precision Air. The national airline Air Tanzania is now all but defunct and runs a very limited service.

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