Internet Access & Internet Cafés in Tanzania

In contrast to the phones, Tanzania’s internet cafés are havens of efficiency and value, at about Ts500 for thirty minutes (a rate that is continually tumbling as competition grows). Most internet cafés in Tanzania are open from about 9am until late (typically 9pm). Some of the equipment is a little dated, as you’d probably expect. Nevertheless, if you’ve already tried to make a phone call or post a letter here, you’ll come to regard the Internet cafés with something approaching affection: they’re your best chance of keeping in regular touch with home while you’re in East Africa.

Wi-fi is now common throughout East Africa and most hotels (including even the budget ones) now boast some sort of wi-fi connection, as do most restaurants and cafés.

In the city guides in the book we have picked out some of the better internet cafés.

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