At the beginning of March this year a man from Kettering will set off to climb Kilimanjaro. Nothing unusual there, of course, considering around 50,000 people climb #Kilimanjaro every year.

However, Mick Rogers, a 49-year-old builder, will not actually be climbing the mountain until August – and in the intervening months is hoping to WALK from his hometown to Africa’s Highest Mountain.

Mr Rogers has been walking for 25 miles a day to train for his marathon expedition. He decided to undertake this madcap venture two years ago when his dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was then that he decided to pack in the fags and start training.

Just to make things slightly more tricky, Mr Rogers will initially walk in the wrong direction, to Cornwall, to bid farewell to his three grown-up children. He has also eschewed the use of any planes, opting instead for road or ferry in places where walking is not possible. Countries that he hopes to cross include France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya and finally Tanzania – walking, he hopes, on average 40 miles a day. 

Mr Rogers is hoping to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support; to sponsor Mr Rogers, call 07743 233866, email, search ‘Laird Betty S’ on Facebook or go to