UN calls for reforestation of Kilimanjaro

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UN calls for reforestation of Kilimanjaro

November 5th, 2016|News Bulletins|

A report released by the United Nations has called for the reforestation of the slopes of Kilimanjaro in effort to reverse the damage done to the mountain’s fragile ecosystem. It is hoped that, if implemented, such a move would safeguard the water supply for the region, so much of which comes from streams emanating from Africa’s highest mountain.

It would also have the knock-on effect of protecting the tourist industry that earns so much for the Tanzanian government.

According to Erik Solheim, head of UN Environment agency: “Across the continent, the damage done to these ecosystems is depriving people of the basic building blocks of life.”

By reforesting the mountain, it is hoped that the water catchment area will be protected and thus safeguard the future of the local agricultural and tourist industries.

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