It’s the kind of video that could lead you to think that climbing Kilimanjaro is easy. Twenty-two women from eleven different countries set off from Machame Gate with the specific aim of reaching the summit on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2016. Nothing too unusual about that, perhaps.

However, their travel company, WHOA, which specialises in adventure travel for women, do like to do things slightly differently. The two founders decided to set up their company, having met on Kilimanjaro back in 2013. At one point on their climb, perhaps in a show of defiance against the terrors of altitude sickness, the two started dancing – and a WHOA tradition on Kilimanjaro was born!

The video of their 2016 climb is the best yet – and shows that, despite all the hardships and deprivations, climbing Kilimanjaro can be a fabulous and fun thing to do. Click on this link to watch the WHOA 2016 Kilimanjaro Dance video.

Congratulations to everyone on the trek!