Insurance for climbing Kilimanjaro

The following is a list of companies that offer insurance for Kilimanjaro. Note that these often change – one week a company offers insurance for Kilimanjaro, the next week it doesn’t – so apologies if some of these links are out of date. Despite our best efforts!

UK companies currently offering insurance for Kilimanjaro

The British Mountaineering Council You will need to join the BMC to claim insurance from them, but the insurance is cheap and comprehensive and there are lots of benefits if becoming a member. (This includes discounts in many outdoor/camping and trekking shops. Insurance for Kilimanjaro currently comes under their ‘Alpine & Ski’ cover.


Insure & Go

True Traveller 

World Nomads


US insurance providers for Kilimanjaro

Insurers in the States seem to change rapidly – the ones we listed in the last edition of the book are on the whole no longer offering insurance for Kilimanjaro. Matters are further complicated by the fact that the insurance offered by companies can vary from state to state. We have had clients who have told us that while they were able to buy insurance with one company, their friend was unable to do so from that same company because they lived in another state! So do be careful who you book your insurance with. And it’s even more important to remember to read the small-print and go through the contract thoroughly.


World Nomads