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Standing near Mawenzi Tarn with Kibo across the Saddle in the distancePreparations for climbing Kilimanjaro

Want to climb Kilimanjaro but don’t know where to begin? This section will help you to take those first steps on the path to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain.

By clicking on one of the topics listed on the left you can find advice on how to book a trek, what inoculations and other pre-departure preparations you may require, how much it’s all going to cost, how to get to the mountain – and much else.

The contents of this section have been taken directly from chapters in the book, which have been abridged and edited to fit the website.

The book does, of course, go into much more detail, including reviews of all the major trekking agencies, how to make it cheaper etc etc. But hopefully there is enough information here to point you in the right direction and get you started.

Don’t forget that you can send me an email with any questions you may have and – within reason – I’ll try to help.