On Kilimanjaro

The following section deals with matters that are of particular interest to those who have booked their trek and are about to begin their climb up to the Roof of Africa. In this section we try to describe what it’s actually like to be on the mountain. This includes pages in which other trekkers describe how they felt, what you’ll eat and drink, where you sleep, who you’ll be walking with (ie your porters and guides) and how you can minimise your impact on the environment.

In this section you’ll also find advice on how to stay safe on Kilimanjaro (including plenty of information on altitude sickness (or AMS), how to prevent AMS, what the symptoms of altitude sickness are, and what you should do if you succumb to it), what to pack in the bag that you carry on the mountain, how much you should tip your crew.

Once again, this information is taken largely from the Kilimanjaro Guide Book, abridged and edited for the website. You’ll find a menu of the subjects on the left of the page.

Hope you find these pages useful! As always, if there’s anything you don’t understand, want clarification on or think is inaccurate, just get in touch and we’ll do our best to respond as soon as possible.