An eight-year-old girl from Florida, US, has become the youngest ever female to climb Kilimanjaro all the way to its 5895m summit. Roxy Getter,  from Punta Gorda, reached the summit with her family earlier this month. Also in their party was her dad Bob and mother Sarah, as well as ten-year-old brother, Ben – thus surely setting another record as the youngest siblings ever to reach the top.

The family trained in Florida by climbing multi-storey car parks and the steps of a local stadium. And despite Florida’s sea level altitude, the family all made it to the top without succumbing to altitude sickness.

Remarkably, the climb was the first time the family had even camped out together, let alone tackle an enormous mountain!

We offer our hearty congratulations to Roxy, Ben, and everyone in the party who made it to Uhuru Peak.