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To ask general questions about Kilimanjaro:

 I am happy to advise you in any way I can – and I promise you we won’t try to sell you a trek with my company, Kilimanjaro Experts! So do contact us if you have any questions about any aspect of climbing the mountain. 

When researching for the book we go through every aspect of climbing Kili.

This includes reviewing the top 100 companies that currently organising treks on Kilimanjaro.

We also liaise with KPAP, the porters charity, to find out which agencies provide the best pay and conditions for their mountain crew.

We also research the hotels and restaurants in the towns of Arusha and Moshi, go on safari around the parks of the Northern Circuit (Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Tarangire, Arusha National Park), lakes Natron and Eyasi etc). And we try to get to Zanzibar too.

In other words, whatever your query, we think we have your covered. So if you have questions about any aspect of your trip, just ask. Whether it’s about what company to climb with, or what parks to visit on your safari, just get in touch. If you want to know the best hotels are in Arusha, or where to eat in Zanzibar, then we can help. Plus, of course, we can answer any questions you may have about the mountain.

The email address to write to is:

[email protected]

Just drop us a line and we’ll happily tell you what we think, based on all the research and experience we’ve gathered over the years.

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