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When researching for the book we go through every aspect of climbing Kili. This includes reviewing the top 100 companies that currently organising treks on Kilimanjaro. We also liaise with KPAP, the porters charity, to find out which agencies provide the best pay and conditions for their mountain crew. So get in touch if you want to know:

  • Which companies treat their crew the best?
  • Which companies offer the best-value climbs?
  • Which companies are best for solo trekkers? And which ones are the most experienced at handling groups?
  • Which ones offer unusual routes?
  • Which ones have the best safety procedures?

Or if you simply want to know which companies will be right for your particular circumstances, or just want any more information on any company you’re interested in, then…

…just drop us a line!

…and we’ll tell you what we think, based on our extensive research and knowledge of the companies that work on the mountain, backed up by over 16 years of working on Kilimanjaro and writing the bestselling guide.

So whatever the question, trivial or trmemndous, about Kilimanjaro and your trek, just let us know – and we’ll do our best to answer your question. 

NOTE: We are pretty much the only website not trying to sell you a trek. And don’t worry: we won’t charge you a penny (or a cent, or a shilling….) for this service. It’s just our opinion, and our advice, freely given – from the man who knows more about Kili than anyone else on the planet!


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