Kilimanjaro: Ten good reasons why you should

We think there are any number of very good reasons to climb Kilimanjaro.

1. Because it will make you fitter – physically and mentally

Some people look upon their preparation for a Kilimanjaro climb as a chance to turn over a new leaf. Because it gives them a reason to give up on their previously unhealthy existence. It provides them with a reason to change their diet, and cut out smoking, drinking and over-eating. It’s also a great excuse for them to start an exercise regime.

For others, preparing for Kili is a chance to sharpen their fitness. Because the prospect of climbing Africa’s Highest Mountain gives them the perfect motivation to go that extra mile when exercising. It gives them something to aim towards as they look to improve their physical well-being.

After all, what better motivation could one have, than to improve one’s chances of conquering the Roof of Africa?

But the improvements to one’s health that accrue from climbing the mountain are more than just physical. Because we have long known about the health benefits that come from taking a long, vigorous walk. And there are few walks on this planet that are longer or more vigorous than the one up Kilimanjaro!

To find out how fit you need to be for Kilimanjaro – and how you actually lose weight just by standing still on the mountain! – follow this link to our physical fitness for Kilimanjaro page ? >>

2. So you can climb through 4 seasons in a week

You may have heard this slogan before: that climbing Kilimanjaro is like going through four seasons in a week. Well, in a sense it’s true. Beginning in the sweaty, humid, rainy cloud forest, as you climb the slopes you move from there to the so-called ‘heath-and-moorland’ zone. After that comes the barren alpine desert. And finally, of course, the snowy Kibo summit itself.

With each of these zones you’ll find different flora and fauna thrive within them. And as a result, the scenery is constantly changing. So if nothing else, you can’t say that climbing the Roof of Africa is dull!

To find out more about Kilimanjaro’s vegetation zones, check out our page on Kilimanjaro’s Flora >>

3. To take fantastic photographs

Because, simply put, Kilimanjaro is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. The scenery ranges from the sublime to the spectacular, with skies clear and landscape rugged. It’s also a very unearthly place, at times. But it’s also always fascinating, and always beautiful. So check out this link to our page that describes Kilimanjaro’s appearance – and be inspired.

4. To become friends with the your crew

Ornithologist, zoologist, botanist, geologist, butler, manager, doctor, linguist,  teacher and even life-saver; over the course of your trek your guide could be all of these. There are many reasons why people look forward to climbing Kili. But it’s often the relationships that people strike up with their crew that leave the most lasting impression.  Meet your Kili crew >>

5. To see some of the world’s strangest fauna

From high-altitude spiders to a mutilated monkey, Kili has it all. The landscape of the mountain is pretty unique, as are some of the animals that call Kilimanjaro their home. Admittedly, most of it is difficult to see. But just the thought of there being ferocious animals watching you as you climb is a thrill that shouldn’t be underestimated.  So what animals live on Kilimanjaro? >>

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Five more reasons to climb Kilimanjaro

6. For the sense of achievement

Few pleasures are more under-rated than the chance to feel smug for a few weeks. And if there’s one thing that guarantees feelings of smugness, it’s getting to the top of Africa’s Highest Mountain. Climbing Kili isn’t easy, but it is possible. And by reading our section on  how to prepare for climbing Kili, you’ll have every chance of getting to the summit too.

7. To raise money for charity

I reckon about a third of people who climb Kilimanjaro are doing so for charity. It makes sense, too. Because sponsors tend to be a bit more generous with their funds when they realise you’re doing something as massive as climbing the Roof of Africa.

8. To get to some serious altitude – under supervision

Altitude can do some funny things to the human body – most of them unpleasant. Better, then, to climb to the heights with someone who’s been trained to deal with acute mountain sickness and other high-altitude ailments. Which is where a decent trekking company can help. Altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro >>

9. To see the stars 

It’s comforting to know that the cost of climbing Kilimanjaro won’t necessarily be the only thing that’s astronomical. The rewards can be too. Climb the mountain under a new moon, when the lunar light is at its weakest, and you’ll be treated to an absolute spectacle as the stars come out to play.

It’s really breathtaking.

10. To go on safari or visit Zanzibar

After all, you’ve spent all that time, effort and money on getting to the summit, so it’s only right that you reward yourselves afterwards. Follow this link to see our tips on Travelling in Tanzania >>

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