Kilimanjaro: Ten good reasons why you should

1. Because it will make you fitter Indeed, on Kilimanjaro you lose weight even when you’re standing still! How? >>

2. So you can climb through 4 seasons in a week It’s true – but what are we talking about? Kilimanjaro’s Flora >>

3. To take fantastic photographs Because, simply put, Kilimanjaro is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Kilimanjaro’s appearance >>

4. To become friends with the your crew Ornithologist, zoologist, botanist, geologist, butler, manager, doctor, linguist &  teacher – and that’s just your guide! Meet your Kili crew >>

5. To see some of the world’s strangest fauna From high-altitude spiders to a mutilated monkey Kilimanjaro wildlife >>

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6. For the sense of achievement Fancy feeling smug for weeks – we’ll show you how! Preparing for climbing Kili >>

7. To raise money for charity Sponsors tend to be a bit more generous with their funds when they realise you’re doing something as massive as climbing Kili. Charity Climbs >>

8. To get to some serious altitude – under supervision Altitude can do some funny things to the human body – most of them unpleasant. Better, then, to climb to the heights with someone who’s been trained to deal with acute mountain sickness and other high-altitude ailments. Altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro >>

9. To see the stars It’s comforting to know that the cost of climbing Kilimanjaro won’t necessarily be the only thing that’s astronomical – the rewards can be too.

10. To go on safari or visit Zanzibar After all, you’ve spent all that time, effort and money on getting to the summit, so it’s only right that you reward yourselves afterwards. Travelling in Tanzania >>

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