GPS on KilimanjaroGPS Waypoints for Kilimanjaro

We have complete waypoint files to all the major routes on Kilimanjaro. You can see a printout of them at the back of  the guide book and on the Trailblazer website. (Trailblazer are the publishers of the book.)

We have collected these waymarks over the years during our treks on the mountain. And we are happy to make them available to everyone. Of course, you don’t actually need them for trekking on Kilimanjaro, just as you don’t need a map. But those with a GPS unit may find it fun or interesting to have them anyway. By downloading them onto your computer and then uploading them onto your GPS unit, you should have a fairly decent plot of your trek. That way, you can see clearly how far you’ve progressed on your climb, and how far you still have to go.

About the waypoints

To begin with, we have saved these Kilimanjaro waypoints in .gdb format using the Mapsource application that comes free with most Garmin units. Furthermore, the format we have used for these waypoints is known as UTM, while the map datum is WGS 84 (37M). As you probably already know, you can change both of these on a Garmin GPS by going to ‘Units setup’ on the ‘Settings’ menu. From there it’s easy to change the position format and map datum as necessary.

Note that the ‘name’ of each Kilimanjaro waypoint is actually in two parts. The first part is a figure, and corresponds with the figure given to it in the book. The second part of the name refers to the map in our guidebook on which you can find the waymark. Where the waypoint features on more than one map, each relevant map number is given, separated by a slash (eg Map 5/24).

Finally, after the name is a comment, which is a just a very brief description of what you’ll find at the waypoint (eg ‘Bridge’, Barranco Huts’, ‘Uhuru Peak’ etc etc).

Now that we’ve told you how to download these waypoints and use them, we hope you find them useful! Of course, any comments on these waypoints and their accuracy will be gratefully received. What’s more, we would be happy to receive any suggestions as to how to improve the process to make it easier for everyone.

Get the Kilimanjaro GPS Waypoints here:

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