In September this year two men from Northern Ireland became the first to serve fish and chips at  Kilimanjaro’s Barafu Camp, a dizzying 4662m (15,295ft) above sea level.

Alan Hanna, who runs Pitstop Fast Food in Kilkeel and Malachy Mallon, who owns Dungannon’s Dolphin Takeaway, set up what is believed to be the world’s highest ‘pop-up chippy’ to raise funds for the Fishermen’s Mission UK Charity.

Before the pair even set foot on the mountain they also served up Britain’s national dish at the Fortune Kids and Education Foundation Orphanage Center, on the slopes of Mount Meru.

When asked before the climb why they wanted to undertake such a difficult and, let’s face it, bizarre challenge, Malachy explained “It is our aim to raise lots of money for charity but we also wish to showcase the passion and unity of the UK Fish & Chip industry and promote fish & chips as healthier takeaway option. The Kilimanjaro Chippy Challenge is the perfect way to do all that in record-breaking style, on top of a world stage, and we are looking forward to the challenge!”

They were able to cook Britain’s national dish despite being equipped with only a two-ring camping stove and no running water. Nevertheless everything they cooked was, according to reports, devoured by those lucky enough to be staying at Barafu that night.

The duo raised over £27,000, with £20,000 going to the Fishermen’s Mission. This Christian charity has been operating for over a century, working alongside regular emergency services to aid fishermen in distress at sea, as well as providing welfare to fishermen and their families back on dry land.

The other £7000 went to the Fortune Orphanage which looks after children under five.

While Alan and Malachy’s climb is certainly impressive, it’s not the first time takeaway food has been seen on Kilimanjaro. Back in 2016 we reported on a pizza delivery that was made to the Roof of Africa as part of a publicity stunt by Pizza Hut.

Nevertheless, Congratulations to both Alan and Malachy on what is undoubtedly a great achievement, and on raising such a large amount of money for what is a very worthwhile charity