Following on from last week’s bulletin about cycling on Kilimanjaro, the park authorities, KINAPA, also announced that they have made plans to allow and promote paragliding on Kilimanjaro.

For the sum of US$500 (plus the regular park fees), paragliders are allowed to jump from Moir Huts and at various points on the Northern Circuit – the idea being that there is usually less cloud on this side of Kili, and certainly fewer crowds. Paragliders are allowed to jump several times during their time on the mountain.

As with the cycling we discussed in the last post, this is not an activity that’s entirely without precedent on Kilimanjaro – you can find various videos on youtube of people flinging themselves off Kili’s southern slopes, in particular the Wings of Kilimanjaro charity ‘jump’ of 2013, when 95 gliders hurled themselves into the sky. (See the video here: But this jump was very much a one-off. Now, however, KINAPA are looking to actively promote paragliding on – or rather off – Africa’s highest mountain. So you can expect more spectacular videos – like the one above – in the near future.