After more than a decade, the authorities have decided to allow climbers back onto Kili’s hazardous Mawenzi Peak. At 5149m, this is the third highest summit in Africa, with Mount Kenya in second place at 5199m and Kilimanjaro’s Kibo summit in first (5895m).

Early in the twenty-first century mountaineering was banned on Mawenzi due to the sheer number of fatalities that were occurring. Most famously, in a story recounted by John Reader, there was one unfortunate climber whose corpse was left swinging for several days by a rope near the summit. No other climber was available or brave enough to climb up and bring the corpse down, so they had to hire a marksman to shoot at and sever the rope by gunshot.

Despite the inherent dangers there has always been a demand for the peak to be reopened, and recently a reconnaissance was done to try to find a safer route from Mawenzi Hut.

Those who want to tackle the peak have to have the necessary qualifications, and are obliged to part with US$750 on top of the regular park fees.