About Henry

I am a little obsessed with Mount Kilimanjaro. Since writing the first edition of the Kilimanjaro guide in 2001 I have climbed the mountain more than 30 times and occasionally leads treks up the mountain myself. And when I'm not in Tanzania researaching for the next edition of the guide (the fifth edition was published in 2018), I can be found living near Hastings, England, updating this website (which was first published in 2006), writing about the national trails of England, answering Kili-related emails and putting on weight. Friends describe me as living proof that virtually anybody can climb Kilimanjaro.

Is the Machame Route a victim of its own success?

Has Kilimanjaro's most popular route become too popular? For over a decade now the Machame Route has been Kilimanjaro’s most popular trail. According to the most recent figures given to us by KINAPA, 20,339 trekkers used the Machame Route in their attempt to reach the summit in one year. That figure represents a massive [...]

August 17th, 2018|Advice|

Taking a camera on Kilimanjaro

It’s important to prepare properly when it comes to taking a camera on Kilimanjaro. After all, it’s likely that your camera will not have spent seven days in constant use before and almost certainly not in the dusty and/or humid conditions one finds on Kili, with its extremes of temperature and weather. The first thing [...]

June 16th, 2018|Advice|

Is the Umbwe Route the mountain’s best-kept secret?

When the latest set of statistics were given out by the park authorities recently, one figure in particular stood out like the proverbial sore thumb. With 47,232 people climbing the mountain every year these days, it seems incredible that only 589 of them - around 1% - chose to do so on the Umbwe Route. [...]

May 14th, 2018|Advice|